Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I confess...I am cheating

On my hair stylist.....

I just booked an appointment with another stylist (who I used to see regularly) while the one I usually go to is away on vacation.

I feel terribly guilty....BUT, I have weighed all the pros and cons and have come to a conclusion...

  • current stylist is cheap. She is my sisters friend and will do a cut and highlights for $50
  • she is funny and keeps me entertained throughout my appointment
  • she is a great stylist, has won many awards. I have never had a bad haircut or color when I see her
  • she is cheap....I know this is a repeat but who does not like a deal! The $50 I save can be spent on many other fine things!


  • She's 20 minutes further away
  • she is always late, by at least a half hour
  • she talks WAY too much (I am too old to listen to sexual escapades!) and my appointment takes 3 hours
  • she answers her cell phone while I am in the chair...and leaves the room to do so. Who is more important than "moi"? Come on, I am paying you a whole $50!!!
  • when she cuts my hair, she snips snips twice with the scissors and then tells me a story....a multi-tasker she is NOT! Hence the 3 hours.
  • she drinks a bottle of wine during my appointment....hence the 3 hours....not cool when preggie here cannot participate in the festivities
  • She "needs" a smoke while I am overheating under the dryer...there are only so many fashion mags I can read while I pass out from the color fumes enhanced by my overextended time under that dang dryer. My lectures on smoking, lung cancer and death have obviously not scared her enough.

So there you go. The list of cons was just too long, and given the level of discomfort I am feeling when I sit for even 30 minutes completely outweighs the $50 I would save.

I fully realize that when we return to one income this winter I will come crawling back to her begging for a cheap cut and 3 hours away from the chaos that will certainly be taking place at the McQueen "full of boys" household . She will also take one look at my hair and KNOW I cheated on her...and then trash talk the stylist for an hour while she "fixes" the mess (stylists are very protective of their work...no?). My $50 will increase to $80 no doubt!

I am prepared to deal with that...a bottle of red wine should keep the peace?


  1. It does feel like cheating when you go to a different stylist! Strange but true.

    I have had the same stylist for a few years (actually you used to go to Evolution as well except I go to Rosy). She is a great stylist and I have never had a bad haircut or highlight job. The only problem...it's downtown and it's expensive! Oh well, like you said, I can use the 3 hours away from a house full of rambunctious boys and I'm willing to pay for good hair!

  2. Your reasoning is very logical and I think a good bottle of red wine will fix things perfectly. GO you!

    Ps, yes stylists are ridiculously protective of their work. It makes me chuckle sometimes.

  3. you are too funny. and i too am too old to listen to sexual escapades! :-)

    your reasoning sounds good to me and yes a bottle of wine or two for yall to share during your next appointment along with those adorable baby pictures should fix things!

  4. A great stylist is worth her weight in gold. I had one for 20 years but got bored with the same old cut. Then switched to someone more modern but who does not "know" my needs that well altho' she gives a good cut. Then I went to someone else recommended by a friend and altho' she gave a great cut she also insulted my color, my previous cut and the shape of my face (as if I can do anything about that!!) so back to number 2 it is. Do you ever hear a guy talking like this!? Loved your hairdresser story...she sounds like a real character!

  5. My stylists seem to all move away! My latest stylist moved to South America!!

  6. OMGosh I just switched to a freind too who does mine for $60...I felt so bad but at the other place I was paying $165!

    But I enjoyed this new one and she's actually faster and right up the street!