Friday, July 10, 2009

Watcha staring at?

I have become quite the scene at the gym these days....

People are staring, whispering, shaking heads as I do my workouts...

Are pregnant gals supposed to stay home on the couch and not move??

My gym is more of a re-fit centre. At 10Am each day the seniors congregate at the front doors waiting to use the track. Other folks are taking part of physio classes and stretching classes. I can understand that they may not feel comfortable seeing a girl, with a belly, holding 20 lb dumbless doing deadlifts. This gal though used to do deadlifts with 40 lbs dumbells so 20lbs is a huge difference.

Maybe I should wear a sign that says "Pregnant and allowed to said so"

or maybe I should start my own group..... "Barbells and Bellies"

Speaking of signs. I attend a spin class every Thurs at 8AM. The teacher is this fantastic 57 year old fit man who has a photographic memory. He asked me a few weeks ago whether I was running the half marathon this year...I kindly pointed to the belly and explained my year off of running. The next class I show up and on my spin bike he has placed a sign

"Babies on Board"

It was nice to feel welcome at a gym where I have become more of a freak show then a healthy fit pregnant gal. Kudos to Murray my spin teacher!

So the ligaments are pulling BIG TIME. Leisure walking is no problem but as soon as I increase that incline or speed, things start to pull and my treadmill workouts this week were geared down a bit but I expect more from YOU! Enjoy!

Warm up 5min
5-7 powerwalk at incline 4
7-9 sprint at 0
9-11 powerwalk at incline 10
11-13 spint at 0
13-15 powerwalk at 4

Repeat 3 more times from minute 5. Ensure you cool down for 5 minutes at a slow paced walk

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am assuming because it is a re-fit centre there are probably a lot of seniors there. That generation isn't used to the fit and active pregnant woman of today.

    Times are changing...for the better. I think it is great that you are able to be so active. Keep up the great workouts!

  2. Keep it up, you look fantastic! They don't know what you normally do so they shouldn't judge.

  3. Good for you keeping up the tough workouts! I remember when I reached the point where running and speed walking got really uncomfortable. I would be grabbing my lower belly, bending over, and still walking...yup, time to slow down!

  4. Good for you for staying fit. When I was pregnant with the twins, I tried as hard as I could, but all my ligaments in my uterus tore, so I had nothing supporting my uterus - VERY painful, and made for a very painful third pregnancy. Keep it up Cheryl!

  5. Wow, that's interesting, because I haven't received any such reactions at my gym. I thought I would (and people told me I would), but maybe they know me well enough to see that I am letting up from my normal routine? I attend a more "hardcore" gym with lots of bodybuilders, figure competitors, strongmen and powerlifters... but the non-competitive folks applaud me for still training!

    PS - My ligaments started bugging me again last week - seems like they flare up when I have a growth spurt. Stretching REALLY helps, so I intend to try some prenatal yoga today!

  6. yeah. fit pregnant is great! i have a friend that ran 3 miles the morning before she was should see the people that slow down to stare at her! my other friend at the gym was doing jumping jacks at 40 weeks praying it would break her water and send her into labor! she did like 3 group fitness classes on her due date! :-) she is too funny and super fit! i wish i had been a fit pregnant rather than a swollen blimp!!!

    go you!