Friday, August 14, 2009

The proud owners of 2 homes

Yes, the sale of our house has yet to happen. Watch our money fly out the window as we pay for 2 homes....We have another showing tomorrow, fantastic..maybe this couple will bring a reasonable offer to the table instead of the junk that was presented to us last week.

Note to buyers: if you are trying to buy a $350k home, you need to cough up more than a $1000 deposit. Show some sincere interest! Also, do not try and low ball by $25k and ask that our awesome front load washer and dryers be thrown in...and finally, making an offer conditional to the sale of your home.. which happens to be in the crime ridden area of the city is not helping your situation. WE WERE INSULTED.

Moving on..

We did pick up the keys to our new shack! Not sure how the whole "move" will take place...I took my non-maternity clothes over today and some baby stuff for the boys. At this pace we should be living there by Christmas (kidding...I have an late September deadline!)

A few shots of the new pad. For those on facebook, I posted a full album of several rooms.

Salt water pool


Cole's dinosaur room is amazing..the mural is beautiful and I'm so happy I did not have to have someone in my house painting for hours on end!

Basement bath...steam shower and infinity I'll have time to enjoy those but my guests can!

Overall we are thrilled, considering we saw the house for 15 minutes and decided to buy it...

A few things need to get done in terms of paint, a new deck and maybe some new kitchen counters...that may be pushing it. We wanted more space and this has about 3000 square feet of it. I do not see us moving for a long time....thank goodness.


  1. Very nice new home! Cole's room looks awesome. I am sure he will love it!

  2. New house looks great. Fingers crossed you sell the old one!

  3. It's gorgeous! All the way around. And call me crazy but I kinda like the purple paint in the kitchen. With some cool black accessories it could be really hip!

    Ps I am an idiot when it come to interior design!

    PPs old house sell! old house SELL! NOW!

  4. Cheryl, your new house is BEAUTIFUL! And Cole's room, what a dream!
    I'm salivating over the bathroom, and the kitchen open concept is perfect, that's the one thing I wish I had especially when the kids were younger...but come to think of it, it's sorta nice to have the wall between me and all the occasional screaming LOL!

    You know, I watched the very 1st season of Weeds religiously, loved it, and then when it started getting popular I didn't anymore? What's up with that? I should pick it up again.

    Good luck of selling, and yeah, it's so insulting to be lowballed like that...

  5. i love it! and i love cole's room. what does the baby room look like? you might still need someone in painting for hours on end... or not. great house! and thrilled to hear that you sold your old house.