Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm getting ID'd

Well life never seems to get dull around here. I am being ID'd..

ID = Infectious disease

Turns out my "issue" from my last post has become a larger pain in the you know what than I expected.

A trip to emergency last night and 4 different doctors "investigating" the issue turned up nothing but confusion... It was just like Grey's Anatomy. Students hovering around learning....the resident doctor, the chief resident AND the OBGYN on call all fascinated by my "issue"

I should say "issues" as it is now 3 separate cases down there.

So, they chose to discharge me instead of admitting me and I just got the phone call from the Infectious disease department to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. They are treating it as urgent (yay!) but there are many what ifs....

See.... a lump has popped up and the word "biopsy" was thrown around last night... funny, it was so casual for them to say, yet I was freaking out at the thought of a needle going in there!!

I was sent home with some Tylenol 3's and after a quick soak in the tub, I managed a glorious 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The first full night in almost a month.

Today I am limited to sitting and shifting. Frozen Maxi Pads are stacked in the freezer (the docs loved that idea! Thanks to the birthing unit in Calgary for that lovely tip! It truly helps anytime soreness down there comes about!)

The good news is the babies are just fine! The monitor showed them having their usual party in my belly and heart rates were perfect. Tim and Cole are waiting on me hand and foot and my mother in law dropped off some fresh veggies and cookies.... so far so good. This may be my wake up call to slow right down...sometimes I need a direct hit in a very uncomfortable way for me to slow down!

I will keep you posted! Let's hope this is just some crazy hormonal pregnancy experience that I can laugh at one day!


  1. Oh My! That is a pain in the you know what. I hope it all turns out well, as I'm sure it will. I remember well those "padsicles"!

  2. so sorry to hear of your misfortune, but it is so great that the babies are well! hopefully this will subside soon.

  3. So glad the babies are well but damn girl, you really know how to live it up! Frozen maxi pads, that's genius.

    Hang in there, take it easy and keep us posted!

  4. Oh my! and here I thought that the pregnancy glow made you look younger and thus the getting Id'd part, I couldn't have been more wrong. I am glad to hear those babies are doing great but my oh my you poor thing. Take it easy. I hope you get some answers and some relief.

  5. oh Cheryl, that does not sound pleasant. Continue to rest, and let everyone wait on you hand and foot till the end. This is your time to be pampered.