Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We sold the house last night!!!

The crappy low ball offer folk came back with a great deal..and a fast possession date of Sept 4th so we are starting to move this weekend. Cole and I will spend today starting to pack light stuff and organize the rest, I need to sneak in a garage sale soon to purge some stuff!

I have tried over the years to embrace real estate and the "game" you need to play. No luck though. I realized last night that I truly HATE negotiating. We ended up $4k below our asking price and they ended up $25k above what they initially wanted to pay. Why could we have not just laid it all out on day one and avoided the back and forth? Tim on the other hand LOVES the "game" he thrives on it...likes the risk of the buyers walking away.....stressing his wife out!! Why is it he is always right though? If he left buying and selling homes to me we would never make any money, I would take the first offer just to avoid any conflict!

In the end, it was obvious that this family loved and wanted our home and that makes me feel A OK...I even threw in my front load washer and dryer in the deal... partly because they wanted them..but mostly because it means that I...


So where to even start looking for new front loads? You guys!

Let me know what to get. I had the Whirlpool Duets and they had mold issues if I did not leave the door open on the washer between loads. NO THANKS...

House #5 in 9 years of marriage...I can only imagine how many more "games" I will have to endure in my lifetime.


  1. YAY!!!! That is so great, what a load off!

    My mom has Kenmore ones and they have no mold issues. GROSS. I can find out what models if you want, she loves them.

  2. SWEET!!!
    When we got our low ball offer we countered with what we thought was a big flip off to them...but the accepted our counter so it was all just to see how much they could get.

    We did lower our price BEFORE their offer came in so in all we dropped 11000, to sell ours, but still only 1000 under what our bottom line was...

    we close the 14th...so I am right there with you on the packing.

  3. Way to go Cheryl! That is great news. I am with you on the negotiating thing. I hate that kind of stuff too. But good thing you've got Tim and it all worked out for you. Your new house is lovely and you guys will enjoy it so much.
    As for the front loaders, I think you always have to leave the door open. I've never heard of anyone who hasn't. Just the way it is.

  4. YAY...great news! I hate the negotation process too...must be a woman thing.

    We have Frigidaire Gallery front loaders and have never had a problem. Sears is a great place to get appliances. They back up their product and also price match anything!

  5. Congratulations, Cheryl! And your new home is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Yay!! What a relief for you.

    Our front loaders are Frigidaire and I always try to leave the door open on the washer. The salesperson told me you should do this with front loaders.

    Happy moving!

  7. I have the Kenmore Elite series from Sears, and they're great, no mold, but I always leave the washer door open. It says to in the manual.

  8. Congrats - that is so wonderful! Good luck with moving and decorating (the fun stuff for me!)

    Now say a little prayer that our old house sells, k? Thanks! : )

    Hope you're feeling good these days...