Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Piece of History

The anticipation was killing him.....hubby that is...

Yesterday was THE DAY!

Tim is a closet war junkie, and star trek junkie....and an anything sci-fi related junkie. Instead of watching endless hockey games or the sports recaps on TSN, I am required to live with the occasional Star Trek episode and History Channel war documentary. I can live with that.

So when our local newspaper advertised that the Lancaster was landing right here in our city...well Tim was giddy, planning the outing.. entering it into his blackberry... very nerd like, I love it.

Now if you are like me, you're asking...What is the Lancaster???? Let me enlighten...

"This historic Avro Lancaster belonging to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is one of only two flyable Lancasters left in the world. It is a famous WW II bomber aircraft"

Yeah.....ok. sounds neat! I agreed to go with him and Cole. We would go see it land and then head out for lunch....(food is more my style!). How many people would really want to see this thing anyways? Who knew that many many many many many people are in love with histry like Tim is. Old, young, men, women, I swear all of Winnipeg crammed into that museum to see this thing land. Note my irritation, I was peeved that I had to stand for an hour, and then find out the plane was LATE by an hour. Luckily Tim entertained Cole by making a mock Lancaster....he's talented in the airplane "craft" department..

Finally at 3pm this plan landed. I admit, it was quite the sight. Not just the actual plane but the way some people were acting.

"down at the front" was being yelled alot by people standing in the back. When I tried to squeeze into a better spot so Cole could see, I was "told" by a lady that she had been here for 3 hours and would appreciate it if I would move out of her way. Good ole friendly Manitoba!!! So myself and a nice older lady had a chat at the back of the room as her hubby (decked out in full air force gear) watched intently with his pals.

Put Tim in a mall for 4 hours and he would LOSE HIS MIND. Put him in an airplane museum, waiting in line for 2 of the 4 hours and you get a patient, photo snapping, happy man. So so very odd.

So here are some shots, the Lancaster in all of it's glory.

Once it landed, we waited another hour to see it up close and personal....while in line, we befriended a man with a deluxe looking camera, exchanged emails and he sent us this photo...
Tres cool no? We were waiting for the hangar door to open....it feels very vintage, pretty, like being back in time...it was hard not to think of all the people who lost their lives flying these planes. 25 flight missions and you could go home. The average pilot saw 12 missions.

I usually space out when the History Channel comes on...maybe next time I will pay more attention..


  1. very cool, not my cup of tea either, but still cool to see nonetheless.

  2. Very neat! Not my thing but my Dad would loved it :)

  3. That is a great picture! Kudos to you for standing around for that long, I would never have had the patience for that :-)

  4. THAT is serious dedication... I must say, though, pretty cool stuff. I don't think I could have been as patient, no, I KNOW I wouldn't be as patient!