Tuesday, October 20, 2009

34 week pics...oy vey!

Ok, for those of you who have insisted on a recent belly shot, here you go..just know this is VERY out of my comfort zone...Considering I will likely deliver in 2-3 weeks, I think this will be my last belly shot post.

Rear view.

Side view....

Trust me, discomfort level is 10/10 these days. I am winding down, really trying to rest and put my feet up and enjoy the babies moving inside.....it's the MOST amazing feeling, my belly never stops moving and strangers sitting next to me have even commented as the movements are so obvious.

Today was full of more bloodwork, seems as though the infectious disease doctor is not satisfied that my last round of tests came back negative. He wants to ensure I have no virus before I deliver. Trumping the ID doctor has been fun, you get extra attention when they can't seem to figure you out!


  1. You look amazing, I love your basketball belly! And from the back you don't even look pregnant - you will be slim and trim in no time at all :)

    If only I had taken as good care of myself when I was pregnant!

  2. Cheryl

    You look great! I think I had a belly that big by seven months with only one munchkin. Hang in there on the home stretch! Lots of hugs


  3. And also, even if you don't post them, you should take photos right before you deliver, just to remember!

  4. You look amazing Cheryl! Do the boys like to move around a lot at night, when you are trying to sleep? That's when my babies would move, just when I was trying to go to sleep they would be the most active!

  5. You are in such great shape - wow! Well, I have anywhere between 1 day and 3 weeks left too. So close for both of us!

  6. You look absolutely amazing. No one would even know your preggo from the back. That was SO not the case with me! Not too much longer now... WHEE!!

  7. Wow, Cheryl, you look unbelievable! Way to go! And yes, I agree with Kami, take a picture before you deliver. I did not do that with my twins, and I sooooo regret that.