Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4.5 lbs

4.5 lbs is the weight of each baby per my U/S today. Things are looking great.

As for the anonymous comment on my last post about U/S being "bad", grain of salt my friends. To each his own. The risk we take when we blog publicly. I love seeing that my babies are growing and doing well and ultrasounds give me that reassurance.

A HUGE thanks to all of my friends who have been so sweet and supportive, wanting to know how I'm doing, droping off meals, motivating me to keep these babies inside me and rest as much as possible. Also, many, many of you have been so kind to tell me I look great for carrying twins....you all make up for the few people who have told me my belly is MASSIVE and that I'm "really getting big" whisper, stare....

My personal opinion is that women have the toughest gig carrying a baby. Your body is NOT your own anymore, you grow in odd ways, some carry small, others carry big. Some gain 20 lbs, others 60lbs. It would be nice if we could simply celebrate pregnancy in general and not worry so much about size and weight.

To those who are concerned about my "growth" I say this:

I have gained 30 pounds to date, OMG 30 pounds, how dare I gain that much? Well there is more to come as the doc wants another 15 pounds from me. I eat alot...always have, but I eat well with the occasional "treat". I also walk Cole to and from school each day which totals 4km and I weight train 3-4 days a week. YES my belly measures a full term belly at 40cm (it should at this stage!) and YES I waddle and step slowly and cautiously due to the enormous pressure of 9 pounds of baby alone on my cervix. And YES, I likely have 4 more weeks to grow EVEN BIGGER, so let's just get used to it and try and filter any thoughts that include the words "big, huge, massive, gigantic, ready to pop etc.."


Oh, and for those who are assuming I will have a c-section (many people have asked me if I have booked my c-section) ..not so fast I say!. Both babies are head down now (thanks baby B for turning for me!) which means a vaginal birth can happen! I am not against C-Sections at all, if required but I'm certainly not " too posh to push! "

Back in 2 weeks for another U/S. We are in the home stretch.


  1. People have said you look big? Whatever. You look fantastic and the babies, at 4.5 lbs are also the perfect size. Perfect. All the way around.

    :p to those who judge.

    I may just pat your belly! BEWARE!


  2. you look amazing! 4.5 lbs each!!!! Unbelievable Cheryl, you have done so great! You look perfect, and I absolutely LOVE your belly!

  3. I LOVE following your journey with those sweet babies. 4.5 lbs! those are some healthy boys in there. I had a natural birth with my babies, I actually just blogged about it. Our baby A also turned at 33 weeks. Baby A was head down and baby B was transverse across the top. Believe it or not it was the easiest of all my deliveries, so I have no doubt you will do just fine. All the best in the coming weeks.

    ps: Have fun with Kami this weekend! :-)

  4. you're amazing!
    That's all there is to it.

    done. end of sentence.

  5. I think you look amazing and I can't believe you have ONLY gained 30 lbs carrying twins. Most women gain that carrying 1 baby. As for the vaginal birth - you go!!! I think the website ican has some info on vaginal birth for twins, or will have some good links for you. http://www.ican-online.org/

    Lots of the info is for a VBAC but good info about vaginal birth regardless.

  6. It's stupid that other people "judge" so harshly. You do what works for you. You are looking amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

  7. I can't believe someone passed judgment for having an u/s. As you say, grain of salt. I had 4 done when I had 1 baby! And I also gained 40 pounds with said baby! You look great in the pictures you've posted... keep up the good work and enjoy the last stages of this pregnancy :)

  8. You are amazing Cheryl that you aren't just sitting at this point! It's your body tell others to take a hike! My mom had X-rays done when she was preggers with Dar and me and so far we haven't turned out to screwed up :)

    I am just so excited as the day gets closer!!!
    love you!