Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girl time!

A few weeks ago my hubby went on a 4-day "guys" trip to Minneapolis for the Viking/Green Bay game.. Last hoorah before babies arrive.

Hummm.....last hoorah eh? How come us gals never need a last hurrah...? Not that a wild weekend of drinking, staying up late and watching football would be my first choice at 8 months pregnant...but still, I felt like I needed my own last hoorah.

As though she read my mind, a phone call came from Kami...can I fly in and visit you? Let's have a girls weekend! YES!! YES!! YES!!!

I booked the pedicures, rested up for the endless shopping I knew we would do, and scanned the movie section for chick flicks, only a fellow girlfriend would appreciate. I'm happy to say all of the above was accomplished!

So as I write this, Kami has ventured back to Regina (sniff sniff) and is back home with her awesome family (Thanks Jay for taking time off for Kami to come visit me!). I am left a bit lighter in the wallet from shopping ...and a bit heavier in the belly from Starbucks latte's, sushi and The Keg dinner... but FULL of happiness that I had some girl time with such a great friend.

I'm hoping Kami will do a post on her shopping extravaganza...the girl can shop!!!!!! I enjoyed spending HER money...and seeing how fantastic she looks in every outfit she bought. Kami helped me buy a few accessories for the house including some wall art and towels. We all know my aversion to decorating...

While men may need weekly, monthly "guys" nights out....I honestly feel perfectly refreshed & rejuvenated now that I had one weekend with my gal...kid free, hubby free....schedule free...


  1. It was spectacular. Seriously love you girl. Thank you so very much for having me, you and Tim are wonderful hosts, I felt right at home. And the girl time was just what this girl needed too. Though I have to say, it only makes me wish more that we lived closer! Let's do this again, really soon, okay?

    Ps my credit card is still smoking.

  2. I am so glad you got some girl time before you are overrun with boys!!

  3. So glad to hear that you were able to have an awesome weekend with an awesome friend before babies come!

  4. Always a great idea for some girl time. I think as moms we feel guilty leaving the kids and going out to enjoy ourselves (well I know I do). However, "me" time makes for a happy mommy and you know what they say, happy wife, happy life!

  5. how awesome, glad you both had fun!!!

  6. Yay for you girls getting together. Glad you had some fun girl time before the babies get here!