Wednesday, October 21, 2009

H1N1..are you vaccinating?

Too much conflicting info is out there regarding the H1N1 shot and who should get it.

I am at a loss. Tim, Cole and I have never even had the flu shot... and I'm scared.

What is your plan? Are you getting you and your kids vaccinated when the shot is available?

I'm usually a good decision maker but in this case, I can't seem to feel comfortable with either option.


  1. i hear you and this is the part of parenthood that I don't like.

    they are actually coming to my children's school to vaccinate, which made me feel more "pressured" to actually get it. BUT, I'm not going to. We've never gotten the "regular" flu shot so I'm not changing just for the pigs.

  2. Ha! Stacie made me laugh, not changing it for the pigs.

    I think we chatted about this, I am so undecided but strongly leaning to no. We don't do the usual flu shot ever either and my brother keeps reminding me that more people die from the regular flu every year than have from H1N1. The media has made us all paranoid!

  3. I am on the fence about this one too. I actually sat in on a conference today with the Deputy Health Minister for Sask. talking about this exact thing. I plan on posting my thoughts about it, just when I dont know. But for now, incase I never get aroud to posting about it lol I do figure you are dammed if you do and dammed if you dont. I feel like we are being used as guinea pigs for such a new and very quickly processed vaccine. I am not sure I am comfortable with that, but on the other hand I would never forgive my self if the unthinkable happened and we knew there was some protection out there(no matter how safe/unsafe it may be) I also think there is something to be said for natural immunity and if we dont allow our immunity systems to be exposed to these virius' that when the BIG one hits (like the black plague) we wont be able to handle it. But I also dont think I have the knoweledge, research or expertice to make an informed decision. see I go back and forth and then back again ;-) I look forward to hearing more answers.

    ETA: I am glad you like the sling. it was a life save for me and surprisingly easy to use. (sigh) it makes me miss my teeny tiny babies. and your belly pic...AMAZING you really carry those babies so well, don't for a second be embarrassed about showing off that beautiful belly.

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  5. Here's the deal for me. I am REALLY scared that this virus goes after young kids. I am REALLY scared that kids are dieing from it. We vaccinated. No side effects. Not even a fever. The kids have to have two shots, 28 days apart. We plan to follow up for their second shot.

    Now that being said. I am in a panic in general this year. And I am in a panic this year because my youngest already died. It would KILL me to lose another child. I am WAY over sensitive right now.

    I'm playing it safe though. And I feel better now that they've had one shot.

  6. I am also on the fence. I don't like injecting something foreign into our bodies, something that hasn't been tested. However, what if one of us got H1N1 and was really sick or worse? Maybe if everyone else gets the vaccine then the flu won't be spreading around so I wouldn't need to get vaccinated???

  7. We're all getting it on Thurs. If I didn't have a 2-year-old, I probably wouldn't, as we've never done the regular flu shot, but it's hitting young people so hard and our son is in one of the highest risk groups. Cannot imagine him hooked up to machines in pediatric ICU. And I spoke to three nurses today who said to get it, especially with a little one. But I also think people believe what they want to believe and every family needs to make the decision that they feel is best for them.