Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ultrasound day

2 weeks ago these babies weighed 4.5 pounds each.

Today, baby A (which is head down..yay!) is 5.5 pounds and baby B (which is again breach....nay!) is 6 pounds.
Both are measuring perfect sizes and the ultrasound tech was laughing as she told me I have 2 full size babies in me, tracking exactly how singletons do.

My reaction? Relief! My biggest fear having twins was going into premature labour andor having small babies....I have passed these milestones and the next few weeks are merely for weight gain. I would love to come home with these boys without any intensive care unit stay.

But what is a post from me without some type of venting!

We were at Costco on Sunday and as we tried to pull into an Expectant Mothers parking stall, some sneaky lady pulled in before us....she gets out of the car and lo and behold she is at least 60 and clearly NOT pregnant nor does she have a young child with her. Tim was livid, the parking lot was full and we had to park pretty far away. It's not the walk that bothered me, it's the fact that this lady clearly ignored the sign. The handicap stall was also open, how come she did not park there? If I were to pull into a handicap stall, chances are someone would say something to me. Would you have said something to this lady?

Confession: We like to go to Costco on Sundays around lunch time and Tim and Cole feed off of the free snacks. Last weekend there were crab rolls, protein bars, yogurt drinks, quesadillas and crackers and dip. Bad mommy? Please tell me you do this too!


  1. Yay for those nice healthy babies!

    And I would have been steaming at the lady at Coscto. Seriously? Some people slay me.

    I know lots of people who go for the samples! Not bad mommy at all, smart mommy :)

  2. my friend had twin girls (7 years ago, wow) they were healthy, 6 lb girls...it's totally doable.