Friday, October 23, 2009

Help is coming!

When we found out we were having twins, a friend of mine suggested I contact the Family Centre here in Winnipeg. Supposedly they provide help for families in need.....

Are we a family in need?

According to them, YES we are! Having a child at home (even part time) a hubby who works full time (even from home) and parents that live a decent jaunt away (even 30 minutes) is considered worthy of help...IF you are having multiples.

Knowing my friends experience with this centre was fantastic, I was willing to pursue...I am not one to leave my kids with just anyone. I made out a long list of questions, mostly related to qualifications of the staff.

This morning I met with the director of the program and filled out some paper work....Based on our monthly income the cost will run us $25 a day to have help here for 8 hours! That is about the same cost as having your child in a daycare with 15 other! The contract will run 6 months (whether I get 5 days a week or less is to be determined) and will start in January, which is perfect as Tim is off a few weeks in December. Now for the best part...

The worker is here to do baby only the kids rooms, kids laundry, help with feeding, changing, nap time and most of all ENSURING THE MOTHER GETS HER REST.....those were the directors words...not mine. I can walk Cole to school and have the worker stay with the twins. I can run errands, get in a workout, take a shower...whatever I need were the words she used.


There is a bit of guilt in me as I do have help available from my mother-in-law and my own mom...BUT I am much better at directing someone who is non-related to me. I can show her what I want and expect and not be judged (even if it is constructive criticism)! Hopefully our families can visit us and just enjoy the kids and help in other ways (ah hem....weekends and any night shift takers out there?)

A big thanks to my friend who pointed me in this direction. We've been coasting by in "la la" land here, not fully realizing the extent of work 2 babies will require. I feel like I have the start of a plan now...and it feels right.


  1. That is fantastic! And also why don't we have something like that here? Hmmm, maybe this is my calling?


    Ps I would come help you anytime, damn living so far away!

  2. What a wonderful idea! That will be soooo much help. If only I had twins...