Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am done with x-mas

Why do the holidays bring out the craziness in everyone?
Without the details, let's just say this x-mas is one for the books...
Drama, drama and more drama

Why can't we all just be friends?

Since when did texting or email become the only form of communication....why not pick up a phone and have a conversation? Confront one another and duke it out...hug and make up and move on.

Life is too short.


Next year, I am boycotting anyone joining me?


  1. I really noticed this year how rude people become at Christmas...if they don't like shopping close to Christmas then shop in the other 360 days of the year!!

    I took a peacful attitude this year and when I was grocery shopping 2 days before christmas I decided if they don't have what I need...i'll make something else. I smiled and hummed christmas carrols as I shopped and decided to try and spread some joy.

    People need to realize that the drama takes away the whole purpose of the holidays

  2. I HATE the texting! It drives me nuts. I am not into it but Mark's like, can you put that freakin phone down for 1 minute or better yet just call your friends and have a 2 minute conversation???

    I guess I just have to get used to this new way of communicating. Is everyone afraid to talk to others? Suck it up people!

    I agree, too much drama!

  3. Oh dear, you need a girls weekend! One where you can vent while you drink a bottle of your favourite wine.

    I am sorry it was all so dramatic! Wish I could make it better!

  4. i wish i were closer.... i would love a girls weekend with you and kami cause it sounds like you could use it!

  5. I say keep Christmas and BOYCOTT the fakeness, loss of tradition and making is stressful instead of JOYFUL....who cares about the silverware, dishes, decorations............use paper plates, and silverware, turn the t.v. off and play games, laugh, joke be MERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats too girl on your 4's fitting way to go!!!!!!!