Monday, March 22, 2010

I think my child is obsessed with me..

I heard that having twins meant they would be able to entertain eachother. Sign me up then! I was Cole's playmate for many was exhausting.

When the twins were born and I tried them in the same crib, Luke would swat at Kyle as he tried to snuggle in.

Fine, I separated them for sleep purposes. Once they had their own space, they slept...

Lately I have been laying them both down on the playmat. If Kyle is there alone, he is happy, swatting at the toys dangling above him. As soon as I lay Luke down, its...


Is this resentment from when Kyle tried to snuggle in the crib? Is he holding a grudge?

If Luke is being carried by me, Kyle is cranky. Either I listen to some seriously annoying squeals or I place Kyle in the baby bjorn facing though he must look at his brother in the stroller and say

"So there Luke, she is all mine"

It's so bad lately that Tim and Cole have started to refer to me as "the girlfriend"

So today I experimented. Kyle woke up from his nap early and I dashed out with him to Costco while Tim was home and Luke napped.

How easy is toting one child around! (to all my friends who had twins first and want no more...I fully understand why...)

Anyways, Kyle was dreamy, smiling, laughing, chillin in the stroller watching me shop. No fuss. I repeat, not a PEEP.

This is disturbing...while I want my children to need me, love me..worship the ground I walk on...(kidding) I also need space! Nowhere in the contract did it say that twins will not like eachother and play with eachother at ALL TIMES.

I am seriously thinking of a life size cut out of me for the house....unless you have another idea?


  1. Ha! I think you should try the life size cut out but unless it can hold him, I am thinking it won't do much good. He's a mommy's boy!

  2. Haha, a cut out would be great! That is too funny (and sad at the same time) that they don't want to be around each other. I'm sure that will change as they get older. Mommy needs a break boys! I wonder if it's different for identical twins?

  3. Cheryl, too funny (well, not really for you), but it is funny to read. Yes, I think either a life size cut-out or a wax figure is in order. -Pip

  4. too funny Cheryl! Our boys are completely opposite, even as babies, they would not eat unless they were touching, they had to be touching while they were sleeping, and to this day, they are inseparable, they cannot even go to the bathroom along - seriously! It must be an identical twin thing. Hang in there, soon they won't be able to live without each other. But take it as a compliment, who wouldn't want to hang out with you all the time?

  5. yup spunds very familiar. Going out with one baby is SO much eaiser. Makes you think why you ever complained when you had just one. it puts it in perspective thats for sure.