Monday, March 29, 2010

Your husband works from home?

Yes, Tim works full time from home. We have an office for him on the main level of the house. He has no choice BUT to work from home, there is no office in Winnipeg for him.

There have been mixed reactions from people when they find out we are both home all day.

Don't you get annoyed with him in the house all day and then seeing him at night?

No, he stays in his office with the door closed most of the day. He knows that if he ventures out, he may be roped into a diaper change....

Do you know how lucky you are to have him at home?

Yes, yes I do....he drives Cole to and from school, saving me from packing up 3 kids to go all of 1km. He also eats lunch with us every day and he is "home" from work at 5pm every day.

Why do you get a free car of he works from home?

Heh, I don't make up the corporate rules here. If they want us to have a free car, I will take one!

Does he ever get out of the house?

Yes! He travels at least a week every few months and he is out visiting dealerships at various times of the week. While he has a flexible schedule, I cannot plan around HIS schedule. I treat his job as though he was not home.

So the other day, Tim reinforced the fact that I am sooooooooo lucky to have him. I think his words were "Do you know how GOOD you have it?"

What I am about to say here is nothing Tim has not heard before....(he reads my blog...maybe he'll comment??)

Tim, my dear hubby...while I fully realize how helpful you are and how lucky I am that you love being home with us, I want you to know how lucky YOU are...for the following reasons

1. You have a wife who does not expect you to do anything while you are at home all day. If you wanted to read the paper all day in your office, I would care less. To me, YOU ARE AT WORK.

2. Order up! You have 3 meals a day hot and ready for you to eat. Healthy, yummy meals. Not some fast food crap you used to eat at the office.

3. Because I fully realize that your only social interaction all day is either on the phone or with me and the kids, I am happy that you have your movie night each week with the guys....AND the monthly poker party down the street.

4. The house is quiet. The babies nap upstairs in their cribs and Cole and I play quietly so that you can have a relaxed, productive work environment. There is no chaos in this house.

5. Finally, on top off all of this, your wife makes her own money by teaching on line, after the kids are in bed, or on the weekend before anyone gets up.

I think we BOTH have it pretty darn good.

Case closed.


  1. I fully agree! I am not sure Jay would get treated so wonderfully if he worked from home. But if he could, with all the benefits of his current job, we would do it in a second. We always got comments like that when we worked together in the same articling firm - how can you stand to see each other that much? Um, we kind of love each other to bits, my question to them was why wouldn't you want to see the love of your life more?


    Great post! And Tim I double dog dare you to comment! (but PS Jay reads my blog and barely ever comments and when he does he signs them the "pool boy".)

  2. I agree Cheryl, you both have it great! How awesome is that! I don't think Pete would dare work at home, unfortunately, our house is not chaos free, and he would not get much work done, unless it was a sound proof room - maybe!

  3. Sounds like the ideal situation to me! You are both blessed to have such a great work/home set up. :)

  4. Um Cheryl, may I please move in too?! :)