Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes I watched the Oscars..all bloody 3.5 hours of it. Mind you, I was baking some muffins...but still, 3.5 hours is a looooong time.

It was a pleasant show...My Julia was nowhere to be found..crap, I was hoping for her EGO to make an appearance.

I try and watch all of the Oscar nominated movies prior to the show but given there were 10 nominations this year, and a few extra babies in the house taking up my TV time...I was able to see Up in the Air and bits and pieces of the Hurt Locker and the Blind Side.

Here are my thoughts...

Sandra Bullock for best actress? Not sold on that choice yet...I thought the gal from Precious would was the "feel good" choice. Unknown actress, first audition, dramatic role..
Funny, Sandra also just won the Razzie award for WORST actress in All About Steve...I guess you can ROCK and TANK all in the same week.

Female Power! First time a female has ever won best director. I love the fact that a female directed such a powerful film. I only saw 10 minutes of the Hurt Locker, but it was intense!

Boo to the producers of the show.. they missed 2 very important actresses when they showed the montage to those who have passed on..Farah Fawcett and Bea Arthur...

BUT...they did manage to include Michael Jackson (he was in movies??)

George Clooney looked pissed (ie: mad, not drunk) the whole show.....did his publicist not tell him he looks much cuter when he smiles?

Cameron Diaz flubbed her intro speech, blaming it on the're an actress Cameron, improvise.

The tribute to John Hughes made me sad...there on stage were all my favorite actors from my teenage years. Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald....they looked so old and a bit weathered...Hollywood has not been kind to some....I had a moment of panic as I remember Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club like it was yesterday.

And finally, the's my favorite..

The gal at 47 is simply stunning......

Here's my least favorite're like a size 0 wet...this dress looks like you just had babies and need to hide the baby pouch! Couture or not, this was a miss for me.

Give me your thoughts on the show (if you watched) or if you chose to miss it give me your thoughts on awards shows!

See all the dresses at,,20311937_20349373,00.html


  1. What??? You wouldn't wear SJP's garbage bag dress? I'm shocked.

    I like your fav dress, just not in that color. I can't tell where the dress ends and her skin begins.

    I didn't see ANY of the nominated movies... how sad am I?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. I didn't watch this year. The only movies I saw were The Hurt Locker (great movie) and The Blind Side (okay movie). I can't believe Sandra Bullock won for that role! Seriously, the Oscars are getting more boring every year!

  3. I need to know what Demi is doing to keep looking younger and younger? Surgery? Just injectables? Very curious!

  4. I liked Demi's dress too, and couldn't tell on SJP which was the front or back of her dress, seemed uncomfortable at the bottom.

    didn't those Las Vegas style girls seem to be in mighty small outfits for family television?

    I liked Sandra bullock in the Blindside.
    Didn't like that Michael was remembered and not Farrah and Bea. Farah loss was already overshadowed by him already.

    Enjoyed Steve Martin, but i was wise and PVR'd the whole thing so I could FF through all the foreign film, and writers etc.. Just wanted to see the dresses and the speeches.

    One of those shows you could do without, but then feel left out if you miss something memorable and you chose not to watch...

  5. I watched Access Hollywood last night for the dress recaps, does that count?

    Honestly, I find award shows boring and don't make an effort to watch. And I typically find if a movie has been nominated for an Oscar, I hate it. It's pretty funny actually. I think the movies that get nomintated are too intelligent for my simple mind or something...

  6. I don't know if Sandra's performance was Oscar winner worthy but I just love her so I'm okay with it. I thought Tina Fey looked great for Tina Fey. And yes, Demi is so beautiful. Damn her. ;)