Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anyone have a private jet for me?

In 4 weeks this crew is flying 2 hours to Calgary and then driving another hour to Banff for my bros wedding...

PS: he has no kids (yet!) therefore any inconvenience possible has been placed upon us...he seemed shocked when I said changing hotels each night with 3 kids was a nightmare......his turn is out bro. the midst of a twins crying fest yesterday I started to panic a bit about the flight... What if Kyle starts up his crank-o-meter...Luke tends to follow suit with a slow whine...and Tim begins to Maestro the event while Cole and I laugh.

BUT...passengers on Westjet Airlines may not think our little "symphony" is worthy of laughs...

Cole was great on airplanes, the "hummm" usually put him to sleep AND there was only one baby...making it easier on us...playing "hot potato" with the twins will not be as easy...

Maybe I'll hand out ear plugs for everyone?
Maybe buy the plane a round of drinks to take the edge off...


Have you ever wondered what really happens when your baby is fussing on a plane? What others are thinking or doing? To ease your mind, my hubby has kindly provided this video he found on youtube... This video is WORTH the minute of your time...



  1. G was great on a plane-- at 2 months old. She'd probably be a terror right now! And I completely approve of buying everyone a round of drinks.

    But to go to Banff? That sounds like fun. I can't wait for the post when your bro learns what parenthood is like!

    And that video? Hilarious! But when was the last time you were on a plane that was that empty???

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. HAHA..that is funny...the video of course!

    I'm sure the twins will be fantastic on the flight. And if not, the other passengers should buy YOU a drink!

    I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll!

  3. I was always paranoid travelling with kids too. Just hope you don't have Mr. and Mrs. Grumpypants on your flight!


    It's goign to be fun, Banff will be beautiful. And I recommend you stock up on wine as soon as you get there, that should help with hotel changes.

  4. OMG that video was too funny. I am sure it will be just fine (coming from someone who is still recovering from her trip lol ;-) Have fun and be sure to post pics of you in the dress (you amaze me with your determination)

  5. Cheryl that video is really funny. I wish I had a jet for you! I'll have a wrestling ring :) Most parents have totally been there. Now, when I am flying and I hear a fussy baby, I am glad the baby is not mine and I feel badly for the baby and the parents.