Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fitness Friday...a day early!

Everyone grieves in their own way. For me, I run. I also head to the gym. My aunt was amazed by my dedication to fitness. She inspired me to age gracefully like she was doing and over the years we shared many walks in the park talking about health and fitness. For 75 years old, she was a picture of health and I was so proud of her. Whenever she asked what she could do to stay fit, I told her to just keep moving...and she much as she could.

So, this week I ran....alot... I also hit the gym alot. Tim knows it's where I can find my peace. I also had a weigh in this week and although I was down 3 pounds this month, my bodyfat creeped up .5%. Eek! Nothing major...I know..I earned that .5% increase, trust me!

Tim reminded me this morning of how far I've come in less then 5 months of training..let's take a peek. Here is me on the way to deliver the twins.....50cm belly....ouch! Still rockin the lulu's though!

Here is me this week...29 inch waist (I am striving for a six pack this summer...right now I have a 2 pack. Ha! Also ignore my white belly....if the weather here would cooperate I would tan that belly to match my arms!)

This just shows that hard work will pay off...all you mommies out there who email me (ps: why not post a comment?) asking for my tricks. THERE ARE NO TRICKS. I use no supplements or fat burners, I train hard and eat clean. Plain and simple. These past 2 weeks I have been skipping meals, inconsistent with my protein intake and overall just too many "treats" This resulted in lost muscle even though I have been training. If you are putting in serious gym/cardio time, you must eat.

Ok, lecture over..(it's more of a self lecture to remind myself to practice what I preach!)

So for fitness friday I will post my treadmill run this AM. You can vary the speed/incline according to your level but here is mine.

Minute 1-5: warm up walking at 3.9mph
5-10: light jog at 5.4
10-20: hill training 1min (incline 8, 4.5mph), jog 1min (incline 2 5.5mph)
20-25: sprint training 30sec (incline 1, 7.0mph) walk 30sec

REPEAT the hill and sprint training for a total of 30 min high intensity cardio.

Cool down by walking at least 5 min and stretch!

  • Not myself tonight (Christina Aguilera)
  • Billionaire (Travie McCoy)
  • OMG (Usher)
  • Alejandro (Lady Gaga)
Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG Cheryl, you can't get any skinnier than that! You look amaze! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!

    P.S. Do you ever have a cheat day?

  2. Yes I have a cheat day! Every week! These past few weeks have been too many cheats!!! Cheat days speed up your metabolism as it tricks your body into working harder...


    You look fantastic! I know, I sound like a broken record but you really do. You have been dedicated to getting back in fighting form and dare I say you are even more so than before? And you made me drool with envy before. Now, I can't control myself. I must go run! Ha!

    Glad you posted, you always keep me motivated and thank you for the new workout, I love your workouts! I still use the telephone cardio one all the time.

  4. Ps I want your belly button, no matter how hard I work mine won't change...

  5. Can you tell me what you mean by "eating clean?"

    You look amazing Cheryl. I'm afraid to say that you and I have different DNA (I just KNOW we do) but I also know that if I worked harder I could look better. It's just hard. I can't believe you recently had twins. Really.

    Great job Momma!

  6. You look fabulous! This shows there is no excuse for just gaining weight because you have had kids!!

    By the way, I better be rocking my Lulu's when I give girth one day!! I just bought a new pair of crops tonight -- EEK with excitement!!

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