Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am LOVIN my Norwex shwag!

Or should I say my Norwex rags?

They are hardly rags....I would consider them amazing, stink free wash cloths and towels.

My life has changed. Listen up, cleaning is my friend now.

A few weeks ago my dear friend hosted a Norwex party at my place. Not sure what Norwex is? Take a peek on Brenda's website.

How fun is getting together a bunch of gals for food and drinks....and cleaning supplies! Turns out I was as excited about the cleaning supplies as I am shoe shopping....and I LOVE shoe shopping.

Let me run down the list of stuff I purchased (and or got as a hostess gift)...

Enviro cloths: I have been using them for 5 days now at the sink to clean up etc...and there is NO STINK to them. Brenda warned me of this and I did not believe...but it's very true, these cloths are amazing.

Shea Butter: Poor Kyle, he has dry skin. Cole flares up with every mosquito bite. The solution according to Brenda was Norwex Shea Butter. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH......Cole grabs the butter himself now to put on each bite. No sting, no swelling. Life outside is good again for my monkey. Kyle's skin is softer and getting better with each application.

Laundry Pre-Wash: Yup, this stuff gets the stain out...a couple sprays on the stain, into the laundry and voila, those baby food stains around the collar of the sleepers are gone...

Laundry detergent. Ok....1000 loads for $27? Are you kidding? I believe this as you only need a tablespoon of detergent for each load. Clean as can be without the perfume scent!

I am trying to move towards a chemical free home and lifestyle. I admit, this is tough for me. While I'm still using VIM in the bathrooms (I like the smell!) I will continue to attend Norwex parties and try out their products.

Have you ever tried Norwex? Do you have any favorite items?

PS: if you want to order product, feel free to email Brenda at the link...she is a stay at home mom to 4 kids aged 7 and under and she's one special gal.


  1. No stink clothes are nearly as exciting as shoes, I mean who wouldn't want to get rid of that stink?

  2. I have never tried Norwex. I ordered Shaklee a couple of years ago and I love their stuff. It's all environmentally friendly and works great!

    Last month I bought 12 micro-fibre cleaning cloths. We use them to wash dishes. We replace one every night and then I wash them at the end of the week. They say that your kitchen rag holds the most germs...more than the toilet! GROSS!

    Happy cleaning!

  3. Norwex rules! I discovered it quite awhile ago and those enviro cloths are gold. I don't use any chemicals at all in our house now except in the toilet because I am not putting my envior cloths in THERE. Ew.

    I haven't tried the laundry detergent or that stain stuff, I will have to. I loathe laundry detergent stink (as I call it!). I probably only use maybe an eigth of a cup of the store's plenty!

  4. Cheryl, you are so sweet, I'm so glad you love your stuff! Thanks again for having me at your house, I had such a great time! Soon enough, I will convert you to the toilet bowl cleaner and then you will have a fresh, clean (but chemical free) scent in your bathroom with just the enviro cloth and the toilet brush!

    Happy cleaning Cheryl!