Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Manny

No, I have no help coming in on a regular basis. Do not feel for me, I love staying home with the kids and being uber busy...it's my nature.

But sometimes I wish I had a part time nanny, someone who could come in and play with Cole while I did some housework or worked at a normal hour of the day. When the twins nap, my focus becomes Cole and this can get tiring. Not any nanny would do though, not every nanny knows how to "play". I've seen this nanny thing...some stand and watch, making sure the child is safe, but not really "involved" ....Playing to me means getting into the game, playing the hide and seek, playing the humming game (don't ask, it's a new thing around here), playing zombie tag (again don't ask).

So a few weeks ago, a good friend of ours came into town from NYC for the whole summer!! Some may say oh no, but I say Oh yeah!!!

You see, this friend is super duper fun. When you suggest seeing a movie...my hubby pics Predators....and our friend pics Despicable Me.

Monday nights, a convertible pulls up at 5:30pm and off Tim and Cole go to beach volleyball followed by dinner at Earls patio.....

When we suggest hanging out, the friend hightails it over here to swim with Cole.....all day. Every now and then I watch from the kitchen window and there he is with Cole, hanging out on the pool deck, playing a game, making up stories, laughing, eating, hanging out just like 6 year olds want to..

High five, up high, down low.....cut the pickle? GET A TICKLE...
High five, up high, down low.....look in the mitt, YOU SILLY GIT

He is here so often helping me out with Cole that I started to call him my Manny (man+nanny). I asked how much I owe him for all this playtime...a simple hot dog and "man" beverage was all he required at the end of his "shift".

Oh, and a disclaimer thrown in...

"I don't do babies"

No worries Manny, I got that covered.


  1. WOW! That is so awesome for you and for Cole! Anytime you don't need him, send him my way!

  2. I need a Manny to keep Jill busy!!!

  3. If he works for a hot dog and a beer it shouldn't be so tough to move him to your area permanently. A steak should do the trick.