Monday, July 26, 2010

I'd like the following questions answered please

It's a simple set of questions. In my world of black or white, I need to know...

1. Why is Cole nudey when I walk past the washroom. Must he remove all his clothes to poop? Is this a "boy" thing...or is it a 5 year old thing?

When I asked him what the heck was going on he simply answered....

"I get hot when I have to poop"

2. Why must he talk ALL day...even the neighbor noticed the amount of questions Cole asks in any given afternoon in the backyard.

Mommy, what color is the moon? Mommy, how far until Aug 3rd. Mommy, when did you learn how to swim.

That was all in one train of thought...I kid you not.

3. Why, and this does not only relate to Cole, must the kids at the playground ALL stop playing and come over to the stroller and poke and laugh and poke at the twins until they are all fussy...only to run away to play again and leave ME with fussy kids. Better yet....why do the mom's not advise the kids to leave the babies alone???

Ok, that's it for today. I feel better.. even without any answers..


  1. I'm glad to know that you'd appreciate my efforts to keep my child away from a stranger's baby. It seems like the world wants their children to be baby-holics and the parents would probably do the same thing.

    I've never experienced a nude pooper, but I too have a talker. She has something to say about everything and comes up with about ten questions per minute. I've stopped answering the ridiculous ones. There was one day last week that she carried on a really nice conversation that wasn't riddled with "why". I thought maybe we were over the hump. She was just teasing me. Yesterday was extra rough on me!

  2. 1. my kids all poop in the nude for the same reason, Chloe says she sweats when she has to poop, so I asked her what she does at school, and her answer was "I just sweat, cuz I can't take my clothes off" - What a relief!

    2. My kids all talk all day, but there is nothing quite like Chloe...she seriously doesn't stop, we have tried setting a timer for 2 minutes to see if we can all be quiet, and she usually interrupts the timer saying "can I just say one thing?" And usually it's something senseless like "how will I know which boy I can marry one day?" Ahhh, our ears are getting good exercise.

    3. I feel for you, I remember being in that same position, and so often the parents were right there with the kids. You have the right to ask them to leave your babies alone, I had to do it and I felt rude, but it was well worth it!

  3. Logan used to strip when he pooped. Now it's just waist-down. And the excessive talking...I bet we have you beat there. ;)

  4. Haha, that potty thing is so cute! And sometimes I even find myself asking many random questions - Curiosity I suppose :) But I would be super frustrated with the kids at the playground... I would just tell them to be gentle or back off!! Good luck :)

  5. My nephew is the exact same way with the pooping, he even does it in public restrooms and at school. EW.

    Yes, the constant questions, it gets better, hange in there! It's a stage.

    Ask the kids to leave your babies alone! The parents should be handling this but if they don't, be that mom. I wouldn't judge you, I wouldn't want a bunch of strangers in my face, I am sure Luke and Kyle feel the same way. Personal space!!

  6. I have no idea about the first two (I have a 3-year-old who NEVER STOPS TALKING), but the third one is one of my biggest pet peeves. DON'T TOUCH MY BABY(IES) YOU FILTHY LITTLE KIDS!

  7. HAHA...YES! The nude poop! My boys are the same....good to know they aren't freaks!

    And the constant talking...OMG, I really need to wear my earplugs during the day, not just at night! Please make it stop!

    The kids come over and poke your kids because their moms are too busy talking on their cell phones! Seriously, every time we go to the park, all the moms are on their phones!!!