Friday, July 23, 2010


Not to sound pessimistic but I'm pretty sure my marathon goal is out. That was short lived now wasn't it! Seems as though my athletic therapist is NOT a miracle worker. While we're not sure what is causing the severe leg pain when I run, I am able to walk, bike, jump, pretty much do everything else. This was good news and as I head into the rest of summer, I am loving being with my family and NOT in the bush for 3 hours running each weekend.

This week was a weigh in week for me. Down 3 pounds and another half percent bodyfat. So close to my 10% bodyfat goal. Now that I'm not running alot, we are switching gears and focusing on building muscle. I need to grow some delts if I want to compete next year. This is music to my ears as I would rather weight train then run for 3 hours!! Abs are filling out nicely but we are working on making them "pop"...which means changing up the food a bit more.

Here is a month ago..
And here is this week...

Some minor changes but overall leaner. Can I say THANK YOU to all my friends who email me and call me to support my training goals? U R THE BEST! Please keep emailing me and commenting on my blog as it truly motivates me to remain focused and on track for competition next year.

Notice the sweat in that last pic....yeah that was after Birthday CARDIO! I'm bringing it back since I can't run much right now...this cardio gets you moving, heart rate up, interval training and burns some serious calories!! Promise me you will try this weekend, you can do it on a treadmill or outside, who cares who is watching, have fun!

I picked 3 birthdays. I walked for 2 mins after 1st birthday, then jogged for 5 mins before I did the next one. So here is an example:

0 = toe taps off the treadmill

1 = pop squats (squat jumps) on or off the treadmill

2 = side shuffle on treadmill

3 = run backwards on the treadmill (be sure to hold on if you are new at this)

4 - 9 = run or walk according to the number (4 = 4miles per hour)

So I warmed up walking fast for 5 mins

My bday: 12201973

1 min of pop squats, 2 min of side shuffle (changing up direction ever 30 sec), 1 min toe taps off treadmill, 1 min pop squats, run at 9,7 and then 1 min run backwards .... then I walked at 4.0mph for 2 mins and jogged at 5.0mph for 5 mins. Now start with your 2 birthday! Keep going and cool down with a 5 min walk.

HWOOD: Could it be you

ENJOY and stay fit this weekend!


  1. ummm. ummm... you're competing???? you're a fitness, weight training freak like me???? ha!! I LOVE It!!! did you know i was a competitive powerlifter? you're doing awesome, friend! keep it up!!

  2. You look great! Good work girl, you are an inspiration!

  3. Sorry to hear about the marathon training thing...although I think marathons are crazy anyway!! So you have decided to compete? That's great! What are you changing in your diet? More protein?

    Looking good!

  4. I'm totally checking out your abs over here. Like drooling, staring, wondering if I'll ever have a flat belly ever again.

  5. Look at them abs! *whistles*

    Awesome work girl, you are an inspiration to all of us slackers out there ;)

    And new cardio, oh how I love when you share these!

  6. You are truly an inspiration! Keep it up Cheryl!

  7. Dang girl, Look at you! You look amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!! :-)