Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday...6am wake up call

My gal Kami is in town visiting (ie: shopping with me) and working....yes we will have to spend the weekend marking exam papers... indoors..

BUT, anyone who knows me well, also knows that a trip to stay with me will include some type of fitness. Pack your runners when you come or go home. It's simple.

Trooper Kami woke up at 5:15 to join me at boot camp. For a gal who does not get up that early most days, I am honored that she chose to join me and feel the wrath of Paul. So try this next time you are out at the park with hubby/friend...

Wheel person on all fours, other person grabs your feet and you walk those arms until you can walk em no more. Switch partners. Hello shoulders and abs...

After a great workout, breakfast and coffee, twins down for a nap and Cole safe and sound at Grandmas....Kami and I indulged in.....what else....
Pool time!

Stay tuned, an evening full of shopping, dinner and an early morning 10 miler awaits us...

Don't you want to come visit me!!

Happy Weekend! Stay Fit!


  1. OY! You go girls!

    Next time we are in The Peg, I might just "misplace" your address ;)

  2. Oh fun!!! Kami's awesome. But she told me once that she's usually up at 8 (and then I punched her) so 5:15 is crazy early!

    Glad you two had/are having a great time together!!!

  3. It's been awsome! Best host ever! And I really do love your ground chicken and salsa - I'll be amking some when I get home.

    Thanks for a great visit, again! You may regret it when you can't get rid of me (and my boys who are coming next time!)

    (I love commenting on your blog, in your kitchen, on your laptop while you watch TV behind me)

  4. Too bad I don't live farther away, then I could make an excuse to come visit you without kids! Sounds so fun!