Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The unicorn emerges...with pain

What?? Can it be real? Is that a unicorn?

No...believe it or not...those gams belong to.......yours truly...look quick as they may head back to darkness..

Sad as it may seem, these legs have not seen shorts in over 10 years.
Ask any of my friends...even my trainer...not an ounce of skin has seen the light.

Do not ask why, we all have our insecurities about certain parts of our bodies. Showing that much leg makes me nervous. It makes me feel insecure. It makes me wonder if any "junk" is showing...and believe me EVERY girl has junk....

So, I figure it's time to just get over it and embrace what I have. Let the junk jiggle if it needs to! I will never have long thin legs...I have muscle which I love and at 36, staying cool (yes I have hot flashes) is more important then worrying about my silly legs.

For those who have been asking about my marathon training, I was doing great until my 16 miler..the run itself was fantastic, but my amateur running came into full effect afterwards. I did not stretch and cool down enough and I "tweaked" my hips which in turn "tweaked" the outside of my knee..

I saw an athletic therapist today and he popped me back into place and prescribed a slow 6 miler tonight. Here's hoping for a quick recovery. While I would not be upset if I have to shelve the marathon training...I hate being injured at all...I'm placing my faith in the professional that it's nothing serious...

Here's hoping.


  1. Junk? Puh-LEASE. You got none girl, I can attest. Those gams better be out and about from now on. Flaunt it if you got it and girl, you got it!

    And have you gotten those new shoes yet? That should also help I would think. Glad it was nothing major and you can keep training. I agree, though, no biggie if you can't, it's a lot on a body!

  2. Yikes, I hope it's nothing serious!

    Your legs look amazing, but I know that every woman has something (or many things) that they are sensitive about.

  3. Why not show off those gams girl? I agree with Kami...you 'aint got any Junk! I know what you mean though...I hate wearing short shorts. They make me feel so self concious!

    I hope your knee feels better soon! Being injured sucks!

  4. You look awesome Cheryl! Show it off! Hope your legs heal quick!

  5. Hey Cheryl

    Hope you recover soon! I agree that you can definitely wear shorts. It's funny as I feel the same way about wearing tank tops at the gym. My trainer is working on trying to change that for me though...

  6. I hope it's nothing serious as well. An those are pretty great gams!

  7. WOW!! Cheryl, you have A-MAZING legs!! Show them off proudly - you've earned those legs and it shows in that enviable muscle tone.

    Heal quickly!

  8. I wear shorts most of the year out here in Vancouver...I'll send you some shots of my plus size legs and all it's junk and you will feel better immediately! LOL! you are gorgeous cheryl!!!

  9. Yea, amazing legs!!!! Hoping with you that its nothings serious :)

  10. Your legs are HOT! Embrace those babies, you've worked hard for them. Hope your healing quickly. Up at 5:30 tomorrow for my 8. Got my new shoes and ready to go!

  11. Girl, I would be showin' those things off to everyone in the WORLD if I had them. Seriously, awesome legs. Hope you're getting better as we speak!

  12. Girl you are looking better every day, how's that possible :) Feel better!