Monday, November 29, 2010

Absent yet present?

Where o where have I been?
Fitness friday came and went. I know. Sorry. I will get back on it this week.

I can list everything that's been going on but for the sake of not boring you, here is the shortlist

Luke = croupe
Kyle = bad cold
Cole = ear infection

Luke + Kyle + Cole ALL cranky and begging for attention...from me. Only me. No one else would do.
This meant I was unable to even get off the floor to work during the day...unless I wanted 2 screaming babies and a whiney 6 year old after me....

BUT..I have been reading the blogs, and I thank you for all the laughs and interesting information you have all provided during my week from hell.

Did I mention it's freezing here so outings are "out" of the question.

And to top it all off. I was told this weekend that I seemed "upset"

No, it was not Tim who said it.

Apparently my balancing act does not include sick kidlets. Apparently I look upset after not sleeping for several days and trying to maintain peace in the house all day.

Apparently...I will have to try and smile more.

So I went and got a cut and color and threw on some makeup and smiled....

Done..and done.
Here's to a healthy week!


  1. Here's hoping this week is much, much better!

    Love your hair, looks great!

  2. Awww...poor babes! We just went through a round of ear infections and colds here too! AWFUL. I hope your boys are feeling better now!

    Love the touque...I have the matching mitts!

  3. You look adorable and like you haven't missed a wink! ;) Seriously!

    Sorry you little dudes have been sick, especially all that the same time. :( Hope they are feeling better ASAP!!

  4. I'll be sending good vibes your way for HEALTHY babies and a RESTED momma! You're such a pretty girl! :-)