Saturday, January 22, 2011

FF, double F, whatever you want to call it, I got it

I had the flu all week. BUT,  I've been calling it the "FF"

The functional flu.

It started last Monday 3am, I awoke to that turning of the stomach, the cold sweats happening and I remember saying out loud

Noooooooooooooooo, please no puking!

4am, 5am, 7am, puke, puke, puke

I think the twins sensed I was ill...maybe the fetal position on the floor gave it away, but they played nicely together ALL day...well sorta

"Mommy (says Cole), Kyle is playing with your IPOD"

Oh well....says's hoping my 14 month old is better with technology then me.

So all week I've been slightly "off" in the stomach/ joints/energy department, not to the point of laying in bed, hence the "functional" aspect of this flu.  Never mind the complete loss of appetite which has taken place, and remains ongoing. Let's just say that peanut butter may not be consumed around here for a very long time...

Have you ever puked peanut butter?  I wish that on noone. Truly.

But, being sick gave me lots of time to practice pics with my new 50mm F1.8 Nikon lens.. check it out!

Umm yeah, Luke managed to find my tanning cream in my purse, little munchkin.. no worries, no lotion was consumed, I managed to get my FF butt off the floor and snag it. Even sick, a mommy must be on her game. Geez!

Here's to an FFF (Functional Flu FREE) house this week!


  1. oh those are nice pics, I have a 50 lens too but I don't seem to have a skill for it. Hope you are feeling better soon, it's funny how once you puke a food it turns you off for life, or a few months at least. Hubby had a few years of avoiding pizza after one night in University lol

  2. I'm SO sorry you've been sick! Nothing is worse than having the stomach flu :-(

    Your little ones are growing up! SO ADORABLE!! :-)

  3. Yucky! I was funtioning too with some kind of flu but no puking so I won't complain. Hope you are feeling better now.

    And those pictures are great! Those two are so cute!

  4. I don't wish puking of any sort on anyone! Hope that FF is gone soon. I do love the pics though.

  5. I got struck with the stomach flu last night... nothing like seeing a grown woman cry because it is sooo awful! I feel for you, at least my kids are older so i don't have to worry ask much. And I timed it well that daddy had to do all the saturday activity driving.
    but really I'm done with it now. massive headache from not drinking coffee to top it off!

    on the other side, love that photo of Luke at the end, he looks so much older!

    take care!

  6. nothing worse than a mommy of little ones being sick, you basically let the kids do whatever they want as long as it won't hurt them (like playing with ipods). Hope you have a much better week!

  7. you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy!
    PS...lovin' the pics!

  8. Oh no! Puking sucks. Actually, last night I was contemplating whether having the stomach flu for 2 days is worse than having a bad cold for 3 weeks. I think the flu wins! I hope you are feeling better and that no one else gets it!

    And you're right, mommies don't get sick days :(