Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talk about friendship

She walked into my firm's training course over 7 years ago...super tall, super blonde and super intimidating.

She walked right on over to my table at break time and introduced herself. Maia was her name (MAY-YA)..pretty, just like her.

While she only lasted a few months at my firm (her choice!) , we became friends for what I hoped would be a lifetime.

I had Cole, she had Halle and we named our Monday playdates during mat leave "Muffin Mondays" (she bakes a MEAN healthy muffin!)

I struggled with conceiving number 2 and even though she was busy with her second girl, not once did she dismiss my fears, insecurities and overall anxiety about my infertile future.

I moved to Winnipeg....a visit here and there would allow us to fall right back into eachothers lives. By now I knew she was a keeper. Moving away truly tests a friendship and while I had resorted to emails and texting, she maintained good old fashioned communication... a weekly phone call.

How lucky am I?

So last week, after reading my blog she called to chat. A half hour of me venting about the negativity in my life, she barely got two words in...except to say that it is my life and it's about time I start doing things for me...and be happy about it. true. I needed to hear that.

Yesterday, the doorbell rang and the UPS man handed me a package from amazon. Inside were 2 books, Simple Abundance and The Happiness Project.

The note read:

You are a wonderful, beautiful woman Cheryl, live YOUR authentic life. Love Maia

And to me, that is what friendship is all about.


  1. She sounds wonderful! You are so lucky!

  2. friends like that are hard to come by, but soooo worth hanging on to!

  3. That is the SWEETEST thing!!! You're so blessed to have such a wonderful friend! :-)

    The Happiness Project is a good book! I have it too!

  4. You are truly blessed to have found a friend like her! She is a keeper :)
    I may just have to check those books out!

  5. keeper for sure, or send her my way, I could use a friend like that!