Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They said he was mine till 5

A few years ago, a wise woman (aka: my mom) told me, as Cole hung onto my leg crying for attention,

"Cheryl, enjoy these young years with Cole. He's ALL yours until he turns about 5 or 6, and then he is ALL daddy's"

Not a chance I thought, the way he clung to me, wiped daddy's kisses from my face, yanked my parents off me when they gave me hugs...he was always going to want me...he will call me mommy forever!

But as usual, my mom was right. First he switched to calling me MOM. It still stings when I hear it.I miss MOMMY.

He's also not clinging to me anymore. He enjoys the "drop off" at school, a kiss in the car and he's out the door to join his friends in line. Sure he NEEDS me. He wants my hugs, kisses, smiles, praise....but in the end the same question gets asked:

"Mom, when is dad done work? Mom, when can dad take take me skating?

"Oh mom, dad and I already started the movie! Oh mom, dad and I are making a pizza! Oh mom, dad and I are playing Wii hockey...I don't think you can play that's hockey! Oh mom, friday night is daddy/Coley night!"


Did I just not spend 5 years of undivided attention nurturing this young pup only to be tossed aside for someone with a much deeper voice who enjoys a game of tackle?

Granted my time is significantly tied up nurturing the other 2 young pups in this family.....I rarely get a chance to sit down alone with Cole and just BE...the two of us. A simple game of old maid takes a half hour from 2 foot tall interruptions.

Could it really be that he doesn't need ME as much as he needs daddy right now?

Will I get him back at some point or has our relationship changed forever? Maybe I need to read a manual on proper TRANSFORMER play, or maybe I'll brush up on my star wars trivia. Problem is these activities simply don't interest me as much as they do Tim.  I try, but it's never quite "right" in his baby blues.

So, like it or not, this weekend I have a date night, with a 6 year old. I'm thinking dinner and a movie..and maybe, just maybe, for a few hours.... he will be all mine again.


  1. Aw, he will always be yours! I can see in his eyes that you are the WORLD to him. I find that the dynamic changes so much as my boys grow older so I totally get what you are saying.

    And OMG is he cute in that picture. I kind of want to squish him!

    Enjoy your date, that sounds like so much fun!

  2. You want them to be independent, yet it is crushing when they become exactly that.
    So do what you are doing, steal a minute here and there. Have a special date. Recognise the opportunity and take full advantage. You'll feel great and even better - so will he.

  3. Great picture of you and Cole! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! That's great you are going to take the time and spend some special time with him, he'll remember it!

    Caleb is turning into a daddy's boy already! He worships the ground Mark walks on! It's really cute but it makes me a tad bit jealous at times too ;)

  4. The date night sounds like a wonderful idea. I don't know anything about boys. My daughter is turning 6 in a couple of months and she's still all mine. She loves nothing more than the two of us ganging up on Daddy. Too bad for my Tim!

  5. awww so sweet, he will always need you Cheryl! Enjoy your date!

  6. By the time I finished reading this post, I could barely read the words through the tear-filled eyes. He needs you...he always will!

  7. aww I feel the same way too sometimes. Hope you had a good date this weekend. As much as things change over time there is something so special about a mother son relationship.