Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tank is walking!

One day short of his 14 month b-day and Lukey "aka: Tank" decided to up and walk..right into the arms of big bro.

2 walkers now, wish me luck!

I remember when Cole walked, I cried.

When Kyle walked I laughed, thankful that he could stop whining and up and get that toy he needed.

When Luke walked...I cried. Likely the last time I will see that "first"....

First steps...truly a sight to see.


  1. that is sooo cute! what a great memory to have on video!

  2. Yay Luke! That is so great. Mama's going to have her hands full..not that you didn't before ;)

  3. Aw, way to go little buddy! I feel so privileged to have witnessed some of his early steps!

  4. That is a priceless video. I love his little sounds as he walks.

  5. aww...put a smile on my face! That is precious!

  6. awesome video - i watched it three times and couldn't help but imagine ethan doing that.
    you've probably watched it a hundred times...and likely a million more ;)

  7. Oliver and Sarah loved this! Congrats on having one more walker in the house.