Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your groove on

Have you ever started your workout, put your earbuds in, pressed play on your Ipod or mp3 player and.....

It's dead.

That happened to me the other day and I endured a 45 minute cardio session without any music. Painful......

This made me realize how much I rely on music to get me through my workouts. I love all types of music, anything with a good beat will do. I am not biased, country, hip hop, pop, rock, whatever catches my ear. Sirrius satellite radio helps as the US has different hits coming out at different times then Canada.

Anyways, my challenge for you this week is to get that mp3 player loaded up with some tunes you like, at least 45 min to an hours worth of music. Make sure the speeds are not all the same as you are going to change up your speed depending on the music. This can be done outside or on the treadmill, whatever works best for you.

If the song is faster, run to the beat, slower, walk it. If it's really slow lunge it out. Skip, run backwards, side suffle, whatever works. Play with that incline, but most of all have some fun!

Here was my playlist this morning:

1. Divine Brown - Sunglasses

2. Viva La Vida - Coldplay

3. Kiss me through the phone - Soulja Boy

4. That's not my name - Ting Tings

5. Karl Wolf - Africa

6. My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson

7. Carrie Underwood - Flat on the Floor

8. Dead End Countdown - The New Cities

9. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

10. Girls Just Wanna Have fun - Miley Cyrus

11. If you Seek Amy - Britney Spears

12. Breaking Dishes -Rhianna

13. Part of Me - Chris Cornell

14. I know you want me - Pitbull

15. Single Ladies - Beyonce

So tell me, what is on your IPOD this week, I need some new tunes!


  1. oh and I am so behind the times, I don't have an ipod or mp3 player...

    my daughter does...

    damn kids... ;)

  2. Hmm, I have some of those songs on mine too :) I really love the Dixie Chicks and Ashlee Simpson.

  3. Oh I hate when the ipod dies at the beginning of a workout!
    I have many of the same songs on my ipod...I call my playlist Jen's Gym Tunes. I love the fast, upbeat songs. Madonna and Gwen Stefani have a few good ones.

  4. I have all country on mine. Just don't know how to download songs so I have to use what CD's I've got. I need to change things up though so thanks for the song list. It will be my mission this week, to learn how to get some new tunes uploaded!
    Did a 16km run today (1 of it all alone without music-forgot the ipod), in prep for my 10th half on May long.

  5. good idea, cheryl...i get so bored of the stuff on my ipod...need new ideas...her is a sampling of my's a real mix : )
    hope you are feeling well!
    xoxo noelle

    shut up and let me go...the ting tings
    paper planes and Jai ho (off the slumdog millionaire soundtrack)
    sex on fire...kings of leon
    pump it up...joe budden
    i love rock 'n roll...joan jett
    right round...flo rider
    the creeps...freaks
    american boy...estelle
    get on your boots...u2
    human...the killers
    proper education..(off some album called 'ultra 2007)
    girlfriend...lil mama and avril lavigne
    make me sweat...basement jaxx
    times like fighters