Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me, the torch bearer....

It's 5am....I have been up since 3:30am. Wide awake. Not even tired. This may be a sign of things to come. So I figured I would get some work done and do a quick post before the day begins.

First off, great week of training for me, was able to get in 5 days worth and felt pretty good for the most part. Hopefully with the first trimester over I can feel a bit rejuvenated! My sister's triathlon team is hosting duathlons (biking and running) every Tuesday night and I started to pine a bit for the excitement of a race. While being an observer these next 6 months is a welcomed break for me, I do miss the training for a big race. Last year at this time we were gearing up for "Swamp Donkey". A 7 hour adventure race full of trail riding, trail running, canoeing and orienteering. We were at conditioning camp all summer at 5am portaging canoes for miles and logging hours at the local parks getting in some hill training. I am already researching my next big 2010 race...maybe there's one in your area? Let me know!

I am living vicariously through my friends and family and all of their accomplishments and I'm so proud. My sister-in -law just ran her first half marathon. My great friend Kami just ran her first, and my sister is busy training for her summer of triathlons. Need I mention that my dad, at 63 just finished his 3rd half marathon!. Inspiring! It's not about losing weight, throw that dang scale out of the window! It's about feeling fit and strong and healthy. Keeping the mind and body active and challenged. The benefits will seep through in every aspect of your life. I promise.

My challenge for you is to try out something new. Don't be afraid of a challenge. Maybe you want to run a 5km, participate in a charity fundraiser like a cancer walk, try a pole dancing class (I did this and it was fantastic!) or try a hot yoga class. Whatever it is, schedule it in and make time for yourself.

So a few months ago, as I was vegging out during IVF, I was chatting with Tim about how I was planning on being pregnant this summer and not training. He laughed, after he rolled his eyes at my craziness, and sent me this website...

You can sign up to be selected to carry the torch across Canada! This was perfect! So I registered myself and lo and behold....

I was selected!!!

January 2010 when the torch passes through Manitoba, I will be honored to run with the Olympic torch for all of......300 metres!!! Then I have to pass it along.....darn.

So go ahead and sign up for something, I dare you. Just keep me posted so I can cheer you on!


  1. Ugh on being awake! I hope that isn't a sign of things to come, you need your sleep :)

    Yay on being selected, that is so exciting! I thought about signing up but never got around to it. Maybe next time? Ha!

    I need a new goal, my running hasn't been consistent since the half. Hopefully we can get a team together to do the full marathon relay in Sept!

    And next year, we are doing a half together! Or maybe the year after...

  2. That is neat...should be fun and memorable.

    I have been wanting to try Pilates...maybe this summer???

  3. Hey I was up at 3am too ;-)

    That is awesome about carrying the torch. Devin applied but it doesn't look like he was chosen. I think if I remember correctly you do get a mock/mini torch to keep.

    All you fitness buffs make me want to go out and try something I have never done before. Here in sask they have a event called See Jane Tri, a triathalon for women only. I would love to do something like that..........maybe one day.

  4. you have a lovely award at my place. :D

  5. This is WAY great. Couldn't think of any one better to have this opportunity!

  6. that is so cool! how exciting!!!