Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reality Rocks!

Am I the only one who is obsessed with reality shows?
A friend asked me a few weeks ago what was on my TV schedule for the week. As I started to list off the shows I MUST watch:
  • American Idol
  • Biggest Loser
  • Amazing Race
  • Project Runway (Canada and US)
  • Canada & America's Next Top Model

I realized that I am a reality junkie....

When did this happen? My life used to be filled with Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, CSI, Seinfeld, the local news for goodness sakes!! TV Tropolis does make it on every now and then so I can watch reruns of 90210, the new one makes me feel really old.

So last night was the finale of the biggest loser...craziness as usual, those people are in such a confined space of structure with no outside influences that once the game is over and reality sets in, I would bet money that many gain some weight back. Even so, I am addicted to watching their scales each week!

Tonight was American Idol. I may be one of the only non-Adam fans...sorry. I like Chris and his accoustic performance last night of Kanye's "Heartless" was amazing.

My only non-reality show - "Grey's Anatomy" ends this week too. While I have not been overly impressed by the story line this season, I tune in to see Patrick Dempsey (Can't Buy Me Love was an awesome movie!) look extra cute each week. Yummy.

As the reruns are set to begin, I am feeling a bit sad....I cannot watch a summer full of Jon & Kate plus 8 (although the newest gossip on them is quite juicy!) Nor can I handle Table for 12 (who has that many kids naturally anymore?).

So what on earth am I going to watch? Maybe this is a good time to test my ability to give up TV for the summer... has anyone ever done it? Maybe I will read more, or go to bed at a decent time.

Or maybe I will just watch the reruns....


  1. i watch all of those too, well, except for the Canada versions, I don't think they play those here..*hmph* (as if I need MORE reality to watch)

  2. oh and starting for the summer fun of reality, the you think you can dance....big brother...oh no fear, my summer will not be without reality TV.

  3. I have only been watching Idol, and I love Adam. I know he's probably not all that into me just like I knew that about Clay Aiken too but I just love him. Although this week's first song was a bit too screamy for me.

    I have had enough of Jon and Kate too and those Table for 12 people are not all that interesting for some reason.

    I am addicted to Ghost Whisperer and more recently Fringe...Joshua Jackson, hello, gotta watch that. Brings me back to my youth and Dawson's Creek :)

  4. I am also a reality junkie. Dancing with the Stars, Table for 12, Little People Big World, 18 kids and Counting, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, The Hills (I ? their reality), Supernanny. In the Summer it's Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance but since all of the other shows are over I tend to read a lot of books during the Summer.

  5. I forgot...also watch Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. I think I need therapy!

  6. No DWTS Cheryl? I have to say that writers' strike was the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to watch way too much tv (thanks to my lovely friend, the PVR) but when there was nothing on I started reading WAY more. And it's weird, but it really does feel better. It's like a good run for your brain vs sitting on the couch staring into space. :)

  7. maybe we could start an online group for those addicted to reality tv. I could be the founder ;-)

    I love Celebrity apprentice, biggest looser and survivor and (hangs head in embarrassment) John and Kate plus 8. I also have non reality favs criminal minds, medium and greys. geeze seeing it all typed out makes me think i may watch too much tv lol

    I saw a preview for a new reality show this summer "help I am a celebrity get me outa here" it ;looked good.

  8. Hey girl! Thanks for showing the love on my blog....I am inspired by ALL of us sharing the journey together...we can all bring something to the table and be there for each other...its GREAT! Good luck with your training and I LOVE having someone plan my meals for me, too! Wish I could do it for the rest of my life! Winning numbers to the lottery would help!

  9. Hey know first hand pregnancy doesn't mean 'eating for two' means continue to do what you were doing prior to the little healthy, exercise and stay as fit as you can.....the better you feel the easier the pregnancy and the better you feel post birth. It is a gift and blessing to (1) be healthy, (2) be able to carry a baby/pregnancy and (3)combining both, keeping a healthy lifestyle and 'maintaining'......enjoy your journey and keep up with the good choices!

  10. I'm not an Adam fan either. The only other reality TV show I'm into this season is Dancing With the Stars and I love Grey's! Did you see the finale? WOAH! I think giving tv up for the Summer is a good idea except I do like "So You Think you Can Dance." Uh oh, guess it won't work for me! ; )

  11. I'm hooked on AI this season too, and yes, I am a HUGE Kris Allen fan, so you're not alone. As soon as he did that song from "Once" (I loved that movie, too, BTW), I was totally hooked onto him. So Heartless of course totally did me in :). Adam's too screechy for me, at the high end. Over the top, you know?

    For the summer, I'm looking forward to So you Think you can Dance, and I am ADDICTED to Mad Men. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out. The lead, Jon Hamm, gives Patrick a real run for his money, at least in my books :).

  12. Oh yeah, I was also big on Celebrity Apprentice, crazy me even went onto Annie Duke's blog to comment after the results. What a dork!