Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon & Kate Fiasco...let's weigh in

Who watched the premiere of Jon & Kate plus 8 this week? I fully admit, I had watched it before, but I was getting a bit tired of it. It was low on my TV priority list. When they moved into that MASSIVE house I decided that the show had done them well...and for one brief second a wave of jealousy came over me.

And then the storm hit. The tabloids went nuts, the promos for the new season began and I was hooked.

Yes I read US Weekly and People, and I watch Entertainment tonight. That is some good You cannot pick up a magazine these days without seeing Kate in the cover (what is up with her hair anyways?? I can't tell if she wants it long, short...I want to just tuck that piece of hair behind her ear already!!!).

The premiere made me sad. Sad for those beautiful kids who seem oblivious but I would bet they know something is wrong. They can feel it, kids are so in tune like that.

Sad for Kate that she has lost the husband she married. Sad that she tried to make a living outside of the house and switch roles with her husband for a bit and he fell short on his duties (so she claims). Sad that she had to see pictures of her husband partying at all hours with college kids, followed by pictures of a 23 year old girl hanging out at the MASSIVE house Jon & Kate bought with Kate's book royalties (of course these are her claims, not mine!)

It's easy to feel sorry for the woman here, but let's consider Jon in all this. Yes I am sad for him that at 27 years old he became a dad to 8 kids. He obviously was not ready for that type of commitment. Noone expects to have 6 kids in one shot. He feels like his 20's were spent 100% on the kids and now he is spreading his partying wings a bit while wifey is away. All innocent fun, so he says. Sorry I am trying to be neutral here....hard to do when you see him pull up to his kids birthday party in a 2 seater sports car.... what is wrong with the MASSIVE van you normally drive? Not cool enough?

Has Kate come down with a case of celebrity though? She has always been a control freak, bossy and a bit rude to her hubby (I'm not sure how Jon could handle her constant criticism). But physically, she has literally transformed in the last year. I mean, who wears stilletos and a trench to Target and a kids birthday party??? Oh right someone with a PA (personal assistant). She looks fantastic and is feeling successful and maybe, just maybe Jon is struggling to handle that.

One thing he said on the show really bothered me. He said that he did not cheat on Kate. To a man, that means he did not have sex with that woman!! To a woman cheating can mean a whole lot of other things. While he may not have had sex with her, he did choose to spend time with this girl, relaxing, having fun, entertaining her emotionally at the least. Is that not cheating?

I was cheated on back in my early 20's (not hubby, he is Mr. Loyal). While my ex did sleep with another girl, I could get my head around that...eventually. But it was the outings that he had with her and her newborn baby (yeah I know nice choice there buddy!), the lies and secrets on where he was and what he was doing that really bothered me. The trust factor was gone and so ended the relationship. Even if he had not slept with her, I'm pretty sure it would have ended.

So weigh in here. Will Jon & Kate make it? Do you think he cheated?


  1. He cheated. Period. With you on this one.

  2. I think I'll write about this on my much to say about this one!!!!

  3. Yeah, what a train wreck huh? Not surprised though. First of all, any man would turn away from the constant critism. Not that I condone what he did, not at all, because if he was hanging out with a girl like they say, that is wrong on so many levels. But Kate treats him like crap. All. the. time.

    And now he is stuck at home tending children with no intellectual stimulus (I can so relate to that!) while she's off tanning and working with a trainer (her whole body has morphed into a hollywood starlet).

    Yeah, I saw them having marital issues about 2 seasons ago and I am not surprised. At all.

    But I don't like that it's on TV. I felt a bit sick watching, like I shouldn't.

    Ugh. Good post. Shutting up now.

  4. I've never watched Jon & Kate... that is, until the recent media firestorm. And then I thought, What am I doing? I'm totally feeding into this, and if it's a ratings thing (which I'm sure it partially is) I'm buying into it! Ugh. But I subscribe to People so how could I not tune in after that cover story? Yeah, he cheated, she's trying to come across as saintly, and those poor kids are in the middle. I think the cameras should go home and Jon + Kate should grow up!

  5. Yes I have ben watching from the begining and was very saddened by the last episode. JOhn seemed so disconected. I really feel sorry for them both.

    It is no longer a family friendly show IMO. Hannah was very upset by the last show so now I have to preview the episodes before she can watch them.

  6. I watched a few of the very early on episodes, before it morphed into what we see today. I think it was inevitable, really. I think it would be so hard to be grounded when you allow the circus into your home everyday.

    Let's see, there are usually two people in a marriage. Well in this marriage (in which they didn't have a lot of just couple time before they sprouted their huge family), they've got 8 kids, a television crew and production team plus a gazillion gawkers from around the world!!!

    No wonder they both need an "escape" ... her on her tour as a reality celeb; and him on his partying as he should have been doing in his early 20s.

    No excuses for either of them. Although I'm naturally inclined to feel a bit more for Jon, I've been a shrew in my time, so Kate's personality has probably been skewed a bit for good TV.

    I just feel really badly for their children. How will they turn out in all this? I hope the best for them.