Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello my name is Cheryl and I'm an Ebay addict

Anyone who knows me, knows I am on Ebay alot..... I am not buying alot of stuff, but in order to score the deals, you must be on there searching...daily.

Many of you have asked me over the years how I am able to find Lululemon stuff cheap cheap cheap!! Today I am releasing the secret..... actually it's not that big of a deal...try it out and see if you can find a deal.

I buy 4 things on Ebay. Lululemon, Robeez, kids clothing and Sporting goods (under armour clothing, runners). That is pretty much it. I also sell Lululemon and Under Armour on Ebay. The sales support my purchases! Here are my tips for buying. I will post on selling at a later date.

When buying:

1. Know what you are looking for, know your size and most importantly know the retail price of the item in the store. For example, I know that my favorite Still Pants By Lululemon are $98 plus tax retail. I also know that Robeez are $27.99 plus tax here.

2. Start searching daily. Listings are being posted daily and some people list for only 2 days, some 5 and others 7. You need to be searching everyday to see if any new items have come up.

3. Have a max price in your mind. Often I will enter my max bid for the item. If I am willing to pay $50 max then I enter that and if the auction goes above $50 Ebay will email me and I can make a decision to increase my max bid or not. If the auction does not go above $50 then ebay will email me to tell me I have won the item (for whatever the last bid price was). This helps you avoid the potenial bidding war with someone and overpaying just because you want that item or you get caught in the auction hype.

4. Do not forget to check the shipping costs! Sellers can make alot of money on shipping! Do not forget to factor in the shipping cost (plus exchange if you are buying from another country). I had a friend pay $10 to ship a plastic halloween bag costing $1. if the seller does not list a shipping cost, send them an email and get one confirmed. You do not want a surprise when the invoice arrives!

5. Check the condition of the item and the sellers feedback rating. Detailed feedback is given for all sellers by their purchasers. You can find out whether the seller lists the item in the correct condition, whether the shipping was fast, whether the item even arrived, communication and overall satisfaction. I will not purchase from a seller who does not have 99-100% feedback.

6. If the sellers listing notes they will only ship to the US, send the seller a quick email asking whether he/she would consider shipping to your country. Often the shipping is similar.

7. Set up a paypal account if you plan on making regular purchases, it's safe and secure and most Ebay sellers will only accept this method of payment

I love Ebay, I can avoid the mall and get some great prices. My latest finds were:

  • Robeez for $15 including the shipping (makes a great baby gift)
  • Lululemon maternity tank workout top for $20!,
  • My runners which the seller had worn once, were $49 where they are $130 retail here
  • Tall black real "Uggs" for $81 USD including shipping. Per the seller, these were worn once but arrived in the box and looked as good as new.

Have you scored any great deals lately? Pass along some great finds or any Ebay tips you may have!


  1. i haven't been on ebay in a long time!!!

  2. I wish I had your patience with Ebay...I have purchased a couple of things but not for great deals.

    Sigh, I love Robeez, they are the cutest!

  3. Is the Lulu stuff brand new? I'm okay with stuff that is new or hardly used (like your Uggs) but I don't like used stuff, especially workout clothes.

    Have you ever had any issues with ebay? I've heard some bad experiences so I'm a little leary to buy from ebay.

  4. I love ebay! I bought kirstyn's kid golf club set on ebay for a great deal! i have also bought my share of robeez on ebay. now, you have me interested in this lulu stuff. i don't know what that is.... guess i will have to go check it out. i am in desperate need of some new workout gear...yeah, all of mine is getting way too big!!!

  5. Oh Cheryl, I was HOOKED on eBay after the girlie was born, for all the fantastic Gymboree lines... for babies they were practically new, I used to sell a fair bit too. And the Robeez, of course, always cheaper and and in great shape on eBay.

    Nowadays, though, I surf for OPI nailpolish. As if it stays on more than a couple of days with all the washing I do, but it's my guilty pleasure.

    I'll certainly have to check for lulu stuff though.. that stuff rarely goes on sale. Thanks for the tips!