Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Soccer season is here!

For the last few years Cole has been playing indoor soccer at our local gym. This consisted of merely "playing" with the ball, running around. No actual resemblence of a soccer game took place at any time.

This year he is old enough to be on an outdoor team!! The Garden City Team, sponsored by Tim Hortons (I may have been a bit biased in my choice of teams given my coffee addiction!). Ironically Cole looks alot like his dad Tim and since he was young we have referred to him as our Timbit. Now Cole is playing on the Timbit soccer team.

Last night was his first game... he talked about it alllllllllll day.

Check out the one hand in the pocket stand.....he's cool like that. Not so cool is the high collar sweater under the jersey look I put him in. Can you tell I have never played on a soccer team before. I should hang with the mom who put her little dude in those swim shorts....

Ok, that's better Cole, both hands in front crossed, very polite, goes with the preppy collar I put on you... sorry bud, I promise to buy you some cool shorts and t-shirt for tomorrow's game.

In order for all the kids to play, the team is split into lines of 3, each getting about 5 minutes of play before a much needed water break. I'm not sure I laughed that hard in a long time. It looked like a swarm of bees running around after the ball, they moved in a pack.... Of course there is one kid on the team that has played before....he is also much taller and likely could play with the 5-6 years olds. Cole thought he was awesome....

I think Cole was setting up some defence there, or a potential opening for the superstar to PASS him the ball at some point......passing is not in a 4 year olds mind set....near the end, Cole came over and told us he had yet to score a goal but that his team was winning. His big blue eyes searched for some reassurance... and we gave it to him. He went back out onto that field with newfound energy and focus.

Check out the 3 girls hovering around him......I changed his shirt as you may have noticed, I guess the ladies noticed too!

This lead to Cole McQueen's first goal of the season! Score!

A great way to start off the season and end the beautiful spring evening.


  1. Your little Timbit, that is adorable! As is he.

    Way to go Cole!

  2. Timbit, how cute! Cole looks so sweet and excited!

    Outdoor soccer is such a riot with the little ones, isn't it? My boy has been playing since he was 4, and now that he's 9 the games are really serious's amazing how good they get, especially when they start playing as a team.
    We signed the girlie up last year, but she was still 3 as she's a December was impossible to convince her to go on the field after practice. Even the other girls who were comparing nail polish during the game couldn't convince her to leave my lap. So we're forgetting this year for her.

    Soccer, sure sign of summer! Enjoy, Cheryl!

  3. Aw, I think he's cute in his two shirts! : ) And YAY for him scoring a goal! That's awesome!