Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick and still running!

It is fitness friday and I have had a long long day of working out at 8, marking students papers all day and now we are in Fargo for the weekend for the Fargo Half Marathon. Due to the flood, the regular 3 hour drive turned into 5 thanks to some detours from closed highways. Ugh. The last thing on my mind is fitness, so I will talk food!

Tim and I (with Cole in the Chariot) are running the 5km. My dad and sister are running a half marathon and my mom and her friend who is undergoing chemo are walking the 5km. Should be a great time, I will post some pictures after tomorrow.
Food choices on the road are so tough. My cooler comes in very handy here. Before we left I packed a whole bunch of tupperware meals, rice and veggies, protein bars and powder, oatmeal packs etc.. As soon as we crossed the border we headed for Target and picked up grilled chicken, a fruit and veggie platter and some wraps, low fat cheese and yogurt and of course gallons of water. Not only will this save money, it also removes the temptation to eat out and splurge on greasy ugly foods. My underlying plan is also to have more time to SHOP then sitting in a restaurant!
So the next time you are on a road trip, pack a cooler!

What are your tips for eating healthy and staying active on road trips or vacations?


  1. What a great thing to do as a family! Have fun shopping! Shopping burns calories doesn't it ? ;-)

  2. pack a cooler full of fruits and healthier choices...if you can only eat ONE meal out at a takes being creative, but it can work. :)

  3. We always pack a cooler, Kamden eats all the live long day :) But I venture to guess our choices still need work towards being healthier and we do still eat out. We still like hamburgers!

    I know, I know!

    Hope the 5k went well! Jay and I did 12k yesterday. I've been training for months and he hasn't and he beat me...MEN!

  4. Hope your run went well!
    We haven't been on any road trips with the kids yet but this summer will be our first. My favorite things to eat on a road trip are Timbits, Nibs, Doritos! But we won't be eating this on our road trip (well maybe the Timbits!) I'll be packing sandwiches, fruit, and cheese.

  5. I hope the run went well, Cheryl, and WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!! Thanks for the note, and Happy Mothers' Day to you too!