Friday, June 19, 2009

16 weeks and feeling great!

So far so good. No complaints. Well besides my cold that will not go away. I have been told by the doctor to avoid large public places in order to try and reduce the exposure to any more bugs. This meant I had to cancel my prison tour tomorrow.

Yes you heard right, I was very excited to attend Family Day at the Stony Mountain Penetentiary.

Why? I have no clue....I have always read true crime novels and one of my favorite late night shows is Lockup or Lockdown. You know that show which features a different prison every week? Yes I watch that...faithfully.

So my good friend Leanne is dating a great guy who works as a parole officer at the prison here . He asked me a while ago if Leanne and I would like a tour on family day, keeping in mind the "family" meant the prison workers family. It is NOT family day for inmates. The date was marked and circled in red in my daytimer.

No large public places means no tour tomorrow. Instead Tim and my sister will be going (they are excited too, come on, there are just some things in life you need to experience!). The sickies, Cole and I, will spend a quiet morning in the backyard, maybe this belly will get a bit of a tan!

Many requests for the belly. Thank you! First though I will remind you that these two munchkins are inhabiting the location for another 20 weeks or so:

I was happy to see them kicking around in there...we will find out the sex of them on July 24th (IF they cooperate)

So have decided to introduce some maternity wear into the wardrobe. It is amazing how much the clothes have changed in 5 years since I last wore them. The pants and shorts have this great belly band on them that is the MOST comfortable....they are almost as comfortable as my trusty old Lululemons!

So there you go, 16 weeks and growing!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. omygoodness girl, look at you all fit and 16weeks with ONE baby I was way bigger! Congrats, you are GORGEOUS...AND THOSE babies are quite the lookers themselves. :)

  2. Wow, you're still so tiny! That belly will POP soon enough. Thanks for sharing the pics. We find out the gender this Monday - yay!

  3. You look fantastic girl! I am with Stacie, I was huge by this point. Just goes to show you how wonderfully fit you are!

    Get that belly out there for a tan! I see a bikini summer in your future, might as well rock that wonderful belly while you get the chance.


  4. You are looking fantastic! Love the ultrasound pics....adorable! Can't wait to find out the sex!
    Hmmmm...never heard of those tv shows. Maybe I'll have to check them out. I watched Prison Break and loved it. But it is no longer on :(

  5. I hope you and Cole start feeling better soon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of those teeny tiny sweet little babies, such a miracle, thanks for posting them. You look great!

  6. Wow, Cheryl, you look great and those U/S shots are AMAZING!!!! I wish I had them done for the girlie (my last pregnancy); just amazing already at 16 weeks!

    That's too bad about the prison tour (I guess...) you're too funny!

    Hope you feel better soon. I just finally got rid of a cold that hung around with me and the girl for a couple of weeks.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Hi you,

    You look great and those babies are so cute. I wish that I had done 3-D pictures like that.

    As for the prison tour. Albeit amazing to see how they live, it was one of the creapiest things that I have ever experienced. My dad was a unit manager there for 30ish years and we did the "tour" when I was about 20. They live a pretty good life in there let me tell you. But the way they look at you is kind of scary. When they haven't seen a woman in a long time, they get all excited to see one. Maybe you'll get to go one day on the tour, but it is not somewhere I would head back to anytime soon.