Monday, June 22, 2009

Special Days this past weekend

Maybe it's the hormones but I have been so teary these past few days. Special events are melting my usually tough exterior!!

Friday was Cole's preschool graduation. Where on earth did the past 4 years go? He will be in school full time in September and while I look forward to having 2 months of peaceful mornings (until babies arrive!) I will miss my buddy...terribly. I watched on Friday as he ran around with his other 4 year old homies and cheered them on while they each received a "diploma" and grad cap. His smiles turned to sadness when we had to leave He knew he would likely not see his teachers again. I say it over and over but I really believe teachers have the most underpaid profession.

Miss Renee and Miss Darci rocked. Cole was able to learn the alphabet in french and count to 10 in french and spanish and this was not even a bilingual school! You know your child is in great care when he wishes every day could be a preschool day.

So, onto Sunday. The Manitoba Marathon is a family tradition for us. Every year at least one family member runs, sometimes more. Either way we all get up at 5am to watch and cheer the runners on. This year Cole participated in the Mini Mites 100 metre dash. He was very serious about this, lots of training took place in the past few months. Often I would have to remind him that "training" in the mall was not the best idea. While he did not win, to see him at the start line and then cross the finish made me well up...again.

My dad, a great father, ran his 3rd half marathon, and at the age of 63, is in better shape then he was in his 30's. I am so very proud of him and I am lucky to still have him in my life, healthy and strong. I hope for many many more years with him.

Tim also decided to participate this year. He has wanted to run for a while but is more than happy to let me train for it each year. This year was his year and I was more than happy to cheer him on. Fathers Day is bittersweet for him. We lost his dad almost 2 years ago and while we talk and laugh and share stories about his dad almost daily, not having him physically present is hard.

Training for the half was tough. Tim was carrying a full work schedule and taking 2 accounting courses at night...and dealing with preggo wifey here. He would head out at 8pm for his long runs, after a full day of work and studying. I am not that disciplined.

The race weather was insanely HOT, humidity was high and people were passing out left and right along the route. Ideal running conditions it was NOT! In the end everyone finished, we all went out for our traditional Smitty's breakfast, 11am beers were had (by those who earned it!) and long afternoon naps capped off another perfect Fathers Day.

Congrats Runners!


  1. Congrats to all three runners! And onward and up for Cole and school. Kindergarten is so much fun, he's going to LOVE it!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Wow, the men in your life are awesome. :)

  3. My jaw dropped when I heard Tim ran the marathon! OMG...way to go Tim! And congrats to Cole too, for preschool and the run!

  4. Good job to all 3 runners!! I too am emotional at the changes taking place but what exciting changes they are!!

  5. Great job to Tim and your Dad! And for Cole too - happy graduation. My oldest starts Kindergarten here in the fall too. It's going to be so strange having him gone all day, every day!