Monday, June 1, 2009

Climb those stairs!

I know, I have been AWOL. My sincere apologies. Life has been BUSY to say the least. I have been sick for 2 weeks now, going on 3. My voice is back but my throat and overall energy levels are loooooowwww. Usually I would enlist the help of my mom to watch Cole for me so I could rest and get better but my parents were too busy basking in the glorious sun of Maui for 2 weeks. I laughed at their choice to venture to Maui in May, but we had winter like weather while they were gone so kudos to them!!

This past weekend Cole has a soccer jamboree. Saturday was spent (in the freezing cold weather...again) shuffling between soccer games and swimming lessons. Cole seemed a bit off since last wednesday, waking up many times at night screaming in pain and overall crabbiness (which is so unlike his happy nature). Saturday afternoon Cole and I napped while Tim studied. When we woke up Cole's eye was red and puffy and seeping green goop. Nice. I remembered there was a case of pink eye floating around the daycare last week. A quick call to health link and we were on eye drops and rest. No pink eye!

So Sunday we were back on for soccer..... thanks again to the weather, we froze....thanks to my mom for bringing some Timmy's to keep us warm! It is bloody June 1st and I was wearing my winter parka!

I am managing to pull myself to the basement home gym or to my actual gym 5 times a week, and I managed to get in some stair training over the weekend. You need a few flights of stairs. My gym has 4 flights, 10 stairs each, so 40 stairs up, 40 down. Perfect! Those of you in Calgary I KNOW you have a massive set of stairs outside of downtown...plan to go use them once in a while!

4 sets running every step

4 sets running every 2nd step

4 sets left leg leading, sideways steps (kind of like a shuffle up the stairs)

4 sets right leg leading

4 sets bunny hops every step (killer on the quads)

4 sets deep lunging up every 2nd step

4 sets running every step

That made for 1000 stairs.

I like to do this after a leg workout but can be done as a warm up, or you can add in more sets and get a full 45 min cardio workout, totally up to you! Trust me your butt will thank you!


  1. Wow, we had a beautiful weekend, I guess what we have now is what you guys had on the weekend. It's not so nice out there right now. I hope you are finally on the mend! I had so many colds during Kamden's pregnancy it was ridiculous, may that not be the case with you!

    Love the stairs workout, no stairs for me unless I go to where the Riders play!

  2. sorry for the crappy weather, hope you feel better soon!

  3. I think my butt would HATE me for a few days afterwards!
    Hope the weather warms up. No fair that you had to wear your winter jacket in June!

  4. Cheryl, I got pooped out just from reading your stair workout!! You are in incredible shape, girl. I, on the other hand, am just delighted to have walked my 18 holes of golf and scored a 97 to boot. Hope the weather smartens up in Wpg. since I am visiting my niece there June 17th-22nd and I was hoping to sip margaritas by her pool. Hugs to Cole too.xoxox

  5. I hope you start feeling better soon, being sick is bad at the best of times but when you are pregnant is the worst.

    You look like me at Hannahs soccer games all bundled up, I even had to pull out the twins snow suites in JUNE!!!!

    Fingers crossed for warmer weather for both of us :-)