Friday, June 12, 2009

Take it outside!

I have missed 2 fridays worth of workouts for you, so sorry! I will make up for it today!

Finally a beautiful morning arrive in Winnipeg!
Cole heads to daycare on fridays and I called a friend and suggested a workout at the park. She was game and we headed out!

5 minutes speed walk
3 minutes running
30 seconds right shuffle (yes people will look at you funny, a man even commented that he should have brought his camera....laugh and keep going!)
30 seconds left shuffle
1 minute squats in place (get low on these!)

Repeat as long as you want, we did an hour and then walked another hour and caught up on our girlie stuff!

Yesterday I was dashing around and getting to the gym was not going to happen so I took my workout into the backyard and went for it. This is the amazing thing, I used NO weights, only my bodyweight (which is 8 pounds heavier so that counts!) and today I can barely walk without wincing. The power of an efficient workout.

The key here is minimal rest. Keep it moving, you should be done in 45 minutes and drenched in sweat!


15 walking lunges per leg (I stepped out on a diagonal with each leg to hit that inner thigh)
15 duck squats (legs out wide like a big plie in dancing, toes turned out)
50 toe taps (I used Cole's sandbox, just find a raised surface to touch your toes on)

Repeat 4 times through


10 jumping squats (feet together, bend knees and jump as far as you can)
10 running knees high back to where you started

Repeat 4 times

10 jumping lunges (get into lunge position and jump up, switching legs so you land in lunge position with the other leg in front)
40 squats shuffles (like a football drill, get LOW in a squat and shuffle moving horizontally, do not stand up, stay low!)
15 single leg squats (other leg straight out in front) per leg

Have a good stretch at the end!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You amaze me. I get tired even reading it lol ;-) I am gald you are feeling great and able to continue your routine.

  2. Do you repeat Set 3 four times like the other sets or not?

  3. I am tired just reading this! Ha, just read Candace's comment, great minds think alike!

    I have been are making me look bad ;) I am keeping these...but you have to show me the shuffle when I am there...having trouble picturing that one