Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decision is made

We are moving!

After a long night and an endless list of pros and some cons (you know what they were!) we have decided to go ahead with the move. Change is not easy, at any age, but my parents are really not interested in change. They will miss us being so close. I will miss them too. We shed some tears and then went onto more important thoughts like selling our current home and and getting Cole registered for his new school. I reminded them that we are only a short car ride vs. the 3 years we spent in another province! This move is us taking care of our future, not the next year. Life will be insane with twins, and my mom has ALWAYS been my biggest help (besides Tim of course!) and will travel far and wide to make sure I'm ok.

I also promised her one heck of a bedroom and bathroom at the new house... her own little space. She smiled.

Somehow over teh next few months I will fit in the amazing amount of doctors appointments I have. Who knew carrying multiples required so much attention!

Today was also ultrasound day! Yay! 15 weeks and this belly is growing like a weed! Amazingly different than my single pregnancy! We had 3 appointments today, including a doctors visit to check the heart rate and measure my belly and then to a fetal assessment. 4 D pictures were given to Amazing what you can see!

We will find out the sex July 24th. Stay tuned!


  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I am glad you guys weighed the pros and cons and I knew your mom would be there no matter what. That's the great thing about mom's.

    Yay, yay, yay!!!

  2. Congratulations! Happy to hear the two of you were able to come up with a decision. I know how hard it must have been to make.

  3. Congrats, how exciting! what an exciting year for your family, I am in the same situation....sort of, we desperatly want to move on to a quieter street but now the thought of moving with two on the go seems a bit much for me. At least you are doing it while they are still contained ;-)

    I am beyond excited to hear the sexes. Please post the 4d pics!

  4. That is exciting news! I'm sure you'll be so happy in your new place. You wouldn't want to go through a move when you have little twins running around!