Friday, May 14, 2010

Fitness Friday

This morning....

6am boot camp

Fresh Air

Fun women (and a few serious men)

What could be better?

How about pushing my trainers truck around the park once (1.2 miles) while he steered, played cheesy 90's music (aaahh push it, push it real good!) and laughed at us.

I was worried I may be tired by 10am nap time but 3 cups of coffee, a 2km walk to and from school...with all 3 kids... and I feel fantastic!

Many of my readers have done, or are doing a boot camp class. If you have never signed up for it. Especially an outdoor camp. NOTHING rejuvenates a person like exercise and fresh air.

What's a fun exercise your boot camp class has done lately?

Happy Weekend!
Eat well & stay moving!


  1. I love my Saturday morning one but it's a whole lot later - 10am! This girl doesn't get out of bed until 8 unless it's to catch a plane to the tropics.

    Uphill sprints. And there goes my lung! But it feels so good after.

  2. Crossfit is totally my thing over any other regimen. We will see how well it trained me for the run tomorrow. Goodluck with yours, 10 miles is lonnnnng!