Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My mothers day!

I truly don't need a day in my honor. BUT....since someone has placed this special day upon me.. I try to enjoy it!

Mothers day 2010 was great. My first one as a mom of 3 kids!!! While breakfast in bed may appeal to some...for me, I headed out for a 9 mile run and came home to fresh coffee and an egg white omelet...oh, and a clean kitchen. HEAVEN!

Then came the gifts...handmade cards by the one and only Cole. Again, only a picture of me and Cole drawn on it...no twins. No daddy. Can we say "mommy time" needed? Tim purchased a lovely dumbell rack for my home gym. Before you "boo" at him...keep in mind that I did ask for one and I did squeal when I unwrapped it. Now my dumbells are all nicely lined up from lightest to heaviest in their nice little home.. off the floor!

I know I'm sad... (PS: last years gift was a weighted vest that I wear when I treadmill)

The best gift from my hubby though.....he managed to sleep train the twins last week. 7-7 my friends with NO FEEDS! Both boys! Again, HEAVEN.

He sent Cole and I into the basement for bed and he pushed through the crying and comforting at all hours in the night for 3 nights. By Sunday, I was able to move back upstairs and sleep a full 9 hours straight. Now THAT is the best gift ever...no?

We had brunch with my parents, my bro & new wife Tammy and my sister and her new fiancee (YES she is getting married in Sept...when it rains it pours flippin weddings around here!)

I guess the upside to a funeral is that is does bring the living together. In this case my mom was able to have all her kids around her during such a tough time. We all found our smiles that day.

Hope yours was a special one!


  1. I can totally see you squealling over your weight rack! You are so cute ;)

    That was an upside to a sad time. At least your mom had her whole family together.

    And Tim is fantastic. Jay worthy even and I rarely say that about anyone's hubby! So glad you are all getting much needed sleep!

  2. Woo hoo to the sleep!

    How nice that the whole family was able to get together for such a special day!

  3. Now that sounds like a wonderful mother's day! Does Tim do husband training too?