Sunday, May 30, 2010

My first photo shoot....boot camp!

My friend Paul...who is also my trainer has a boot camp 3 mornings a week all summer long....I used to attend this camp but now I'm on the other side of the city...and 6am is an early start for this gal.


He asked me a while ago if I could take some pics for him at camp one day. I noted that I have no clue what I'm doing...but I would try. We can all use the practice right!.

He then sweetened the deal by giving me a free pass to his camp all summer. Drop in whenever I want free of charge. SCORE!!! I will get up at 5:15 for a freebie butt kicking!

So last week I went and I shot LOTS of was fun, I was nervous as heck...but I managed to get a few goodies..

Swing set pull ups...a crowd favorite...especially if the swings are all dirty from kids spit up and water and sand...

Fresh air at 6am...nothing like it!

The gals were more than happy to smile for me...

He may look nice but he's a good way..


  1. The one of Paul is stunning! The girls were smiling through the pain, good job ladies!


  2. Ohh, I have never heard of the swing set pull!!

  3. Ooh, any kicking of this butt would have to wait until at least 7:15!!!