Thursday, May 13, 2010

My strange addiction

Did anyone see it last night on TLC?

My strange addiction.

Crazy stuff my friends.

  • A chalk eater
  • A runner
  • A tanner
  • A shopper

Ok, I will admit that I do/have done 3 of the 4 listed items.

Anyone care to guess which one I have NOT done??

The runner ran 20 miles A DAY! The tanner tanned 2 hours outside and then 2 sessions indoors A DAY!, The shopper had $75k in shopping debt. The chalk eater also ate dirt and....wait for it.....took a "swig" of laundry detergent when she did clothes.

Ok, how she is not dead I don't know....she claims she only read the warning on the back of the detergent bottle recently. I think the chalk is messing with her intelligence.

I don't think I have any strange obsessive habits/interests (although Tim may disagree but he can comment if that's the case!)

I do remember when I was young, I HATED (and still do) room temp sandwiches that have lunch meat in them. My mom would pack one in my lunch (bologna, yuck!) and instead of throwing it out at school, I would bring it home and HIDE the whole sandwich in the backyard of my parents house. In the spring when all the snow would melt, there would be these plastic bags with moldy sandwiches scattered around the yard in the bushes.


Why on earth would I bring them home? To this day I am still amazed at what I did, the lengths I went through to hide them. Why not just tell my mom that sandwiches were not my thing?

What obsessive things have you done or are doing now?

Come on, it cannot be as sad as the chalk eater!


  1. I honestly can't think of anything for myself (of course) but my brother smells everything. He will smell food before he eats it and even more disgusting (I'm even embarassed to admit this for him) he would smell a pimple after he popped it. Seriously, it makes me want to hurl. But he does it and I know for FACT he isn't the only one!

  2. Lately? Buying jeans on the internet. But so far, I don't find it that weird. Just fun ;)

    I twist my hair - incessently. I have two pieces that are really short because I keep twisting them and they get knotted and then I pull them out. I literally pull out my hair.

    Therapy anyone?

    (ps that is hilarious about the sandwiches - why didn't you throw them in the garbage? Also, bolagna...GAG!)

  3. Don't think I'm crazy obsessed with anything, unless you cound Lululemon!

    I also hate room temp. meat sandwiches and room temp. milk! EEWWWWW.

  4. Obsessions - I can't think of any. Bad habits are too numerous to mention!

    Chalk is so disgusting I can't imagine eating it!

  5. Oh wow, apparently I really need to check out that show...sounds like something I would be interested in watching!

  6. The chalk-eater/ detergent eater must have many more problems than the show is mentioning. Who would want to eat chalk? It would be like giving yourself the barium powder hospitals give you!