Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh NO I Didn't!

Oh no I did NOT give Kyle a french fry to suck on.

Oh YES i did...and a burger too....a Grand Beach Lanky's Burger....to be exact!

This kid is HUNGRY. He salivates at the sight of us eating anything. The mush is not cutting it anymore....he wants BIG PERSON food.

Buddy, you have no teeth. Choking is not something I am prepared to deal with.....but it's hard to resist this content face....

NEVER would I have even touched Cole's lips to such food....funny how you become a bit more relaxed with number 2 and 3. Over the weekend we tried avocado, oranges and watermelon......I'm running out of ideas,

Any thoughts?


  1. Kamden was chewing on a chicken finger by 6 months too. He was happy when he was eating. Not sure who he gets that from ;)

    Hmmm, rice puffs are good, small peices of soft apple, banana, apple sauce, heck even oatmeal, it's soft and squishy. I have a feeling he will "chew" with his gums so as long as you do small pieces and he doesn't take too much at once, he will be a happy little guy.
    Kamden was the same way. Teach Kyle to sign and you will get eat over and over and over. That's what Kamden did, it was ridiculously adorable.

  2. I used to use a food processor and cut chicken real fine with that, our boys loved that. Also, do you have one of those little mesh things that you can put solid food into and they can just gnaw on it through the mesh? They get the flavor of the food, but no solid chunks. I loved that for strawberries, oranges, watermelon, cantelope, and even some table foods.

  3. The other night we had a church thing at a friend's house and forgot Autumn's food. My friend gave me a can of chick peas and an apple and we processed them (without the skins of the peas) and fed them to her with a stick of celery (lol, improv!). She absolutely loved it to pieces and if it weren't for the HORRIBLE and painful gas she got from it we would be feeding it to her regularly. She enjoyed sucking on the celery stick too.
    We have also tried plums and homemade sweet potatoes. We've also done kiwi. And honest to God, I gave her roasted peppers. She wasn't like smiling about them or anything, but wasn't crying either. If the acid reflux hadn't been so bad later on I would give them to her again.
    Here is a website with suggestions and recipes: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/index.htm

  4. Looks like he's enjoying that so why not?!! I used to put anything I made into the Magic Bullet and give it to the boys before they had teeth. Great pics, love the orange background.

  5. I also recommend those mesh feeders. Grated cheese was a hit here, cooked pasta was another fav, life cereal(it disolves quickly) ummmmmm.....oh my it wasn't that long ago but my memory is failing me ;-) I will let you know if I think of anything else

    He is freaking aodrable by the way!

  6. It's going to be so fun to see how different I am with baby #2. Maybe I'll be giving him burgers and fries super early too! Ha!

  7. Those pictures look like a burger commercial!