Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My guilt...over camp..

I sit here, the house is quiet, babies napping...

Something is missing...

That something being my energetic 5 year old who I have "shipped" off to camp this week.

Sports camp...for the "energy" in him.


I have never done camp before, I certainly never thought I would have the need to send Cole to camp this summer given all the stuff I had planned for us! Swimming, biking, exploring, board games, fusion beads, coloring...the list is endless.

But these twins put a damper in his "fun" somedays. The two 2 hour naps I get from the twins is a mothers dream...and a 5 year olds nightmare. We are stuck in the house, using our "inside" voices.

I noticed Cole seemed a bit bored so I asked him about camp. NO WAY was his answer...until he chatted with a pal who had been to sports camp...all of a sudden it was YES, CAMP!! The peer pressure of 5 year olds...

So from 9-4 each day he is busy playing sports, making crafts, conducting science experiments and hopefully making friends.

I have a laundry list of errands to run this week for my sisters shower, stagette and wedding, and I know I should enjoy this time to get things done and possibly take some time for myself when the twins nap but I feel guilty.

Cheer me up camp moms!!


  1. Awww! Don't feel guilty! I bet he is LOVING camp.. I know I would if I were his age! It sounds like he gets to do a lot of fun things, and trust me.. he's totally happy where he is. You shouldn't feel guilty.. you're doing something FOR him. You're giving him the opportunity to get out and HAVE FUN and make friends! I think you're a great momma for doing that!

  2. No guilt girfriend! He is having a blast and burning off energy, this is win win. Next year, when Luke and Kyle are tearing around too, you will be out and about doing things together.

    Make a cuppa coffee and enjoy!

  3. HAHA....I'm not there yet with my boys but I can imagine how you feel! However, it sounds like he is having a ton of fun and you are getting some stuff done!

    I totally remember being a slave to the nap schedule! Kinda good, kinda sucks.

  4. He is creating wonderful summer memories! Jill loves having something new to do. then when he is home next week he will be refreshed. Enjoy, it's good for him!! i feel more guilty when they are bored at home!

  5. Do NOT feel guilty! You are a great mom to give him that independence and allow him to have some fun with friends! It'll be a great memory for him, he will never think you "shipped" him off to get rid of him, he will be grateful for the experience! So enjoy the fact that he is enjoying himself! You're an awesome mom!