Sunday, August 15, 2010

9 months in...9 months out

Can you believe my little dudes are 9 months today? They have been on this earth as long as they were inside my belly....funny how fast we forget what that's like. The kicks, the movement, the pain.....Lately I get stopped alot and asked...

How far apart are your kids (eyebrow lifted, confused look on strangers face)??

6 minutes..I say.

WHAT? Twins? Ohhhhh. HE is SO MUCH BIGGER. He being Luke. Our tank.
I realize Kyle is "petite", fine featured...potentially mistaken for a girl sometimes...but it would still be impossible for me to have kids that close together..Come on general public, think before speaking ok?

Lukey Dukey. You are my gentle giant. Your smile lights up the rarely complain, you're patient and kind. Small complaint though...

You need to start moving...mommy can no longer tend to your every need. You can roll to get your bottle or toy. I know it may be tough given the girth you are carrying.....
Kyle...oh my. Let's just say you are HIGH maintenance. You are so small, and so fiesty. You melt down in frustration about 100 times a day with a loud squeal. Your smile is adorable, when I actually see one!

You are rolling to a sitting position, you are on all fours trying to crawl, you do the dead soldier crawl to get to that are determined. You.Want.To.Walk.

I am in trouble.

You both entertain eachother. Luke surprises Kyle by the occasional squawk..
Kyle makes funny faces...Overall you both kinda like eachother and show your affection with an occasional tap..

When you both go to bed, the house is calm, the evening is for Cole, who simply adores you. He helps me in more ways then you can imagine and I hope one day you will read this and know what a great big brother he is. Gentle and sweet and funny...

Happy 9 month birthday my little blue eyed beauties!


  1. Awwww, all your boys are so cute! What I can't believe is how fabulous you look for someone who delivered twins 9 months ago!!!


  2. Think before speaking? The public is confused!

    Your boys are so adorable! Happy 3/4 Birthday Boys!

  3. they are adorable! all three of them!

  4. They are all so adorable! You make amazingly cute babies! Cole looks so grown up - what a great kid!

  5. I love the one where Kyle is sticking his bottom lip out - Luke just has this look like dude, what up? Love it!

    Happy 9 months to all of you!

  6. nicely put, cheryl. Beautiful words.

  7. sweet! I love the last picture!

  8. This is the sweetest thing! I think they are adorable looking at each other. I'd LOVE to have twins.. maybe someday :-) You're such a lucky momma to have 3 BEAUTIFUL boys!!

  9. Twins fascinate me. They always have. And those twins melt my heart! They are SO cute!!!!