Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shop till you drop...San Fran style

San Fran has some of the best shopping I have ever seen.

Any store you can imagine is within a 5 block radius. Everything I cannot afford is right there in every store front.....oozing with style and class.

What do I end up buying?

A Star Wars Apron for Cole (well I can wear it too and look all cool....)

And turquiose

While I'm not disappointed in my purchases...I was hoping to find more unique stuff. Like what? I have no clue...maybe the lululemon store should have carried different hoodies then we have... maybe Louis Vuitton should have had a 75% off sale!

What I realized is that shopping may just not be my thing anymore....apparently I managed to find plenty of food and booze that I liked in San Fran!

Women, jaws off the floor please.

So this post is short and sweet as there aren't 10 pictures showing me in various stylish outfits....

While it was fun to walk and shop and try on something here and there, in the end, what I need is right here in good old Winnipeg.

Have you ever scored an item on vacation that stays with you all these years? Something that you wear and people ask "where did you find that fantastic shirt?" and you say.

Oh this? I bought this on my trip....


  1. Yes, all the time because I go to Winnipeg and Calgary and burn up my credit card with all the shopping!


    Thank God for good friends with great style to help me out too!

  2. I hear ya on this. When we go to Tucson, I'll say, "I can get that at home for the same price!" It never used to be that way...or maybe it did and I just never knew!

  3. I find that I would rather explore the city and enjoy the food and culture when I am on vacation then spend my time going in and out of stores. We can shop anywhere!