Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's talk alcohol

This may shock some..
I like to drink. Actually, I used to REALLY like to drink.

When I did my CA articling I was a permanent fixture at the friday 5:05pm drink table down the street from the office. When I passed my CA exams, I started to drink at 11 am and finished at 2am...I outdrank hubby.

Then I gained 15 pounds and I earned every pound..me and the sweet taste of shooters and beers every weekend were best of friends.
Then I had Cole and there was just no time to drink! Then I "tried" for 4 years to have more kids so alcohol was not allowed...then the twins happened and while some days they may drive me to drink, most days it's just me and my coffee (rarely spiked with baileys..)

But given the right circumstances...ie: on vacation, alone with Tim and no kids waking me at 6am...well...Bring on the drink! Ahem...I mean Drinks!
So of the many drinks I consumed in San Fran, here are my favorites.
Pear Martini....I started off sweet....Dirty Martini with 2 blue cheese stuffed olives....cause I'm hardcore like that... notice I'm letting my hair down....yeah I was flirting with my date. He was buying.

For the classier side in me...yeah you heard me...CLASSY Drunk...A nice glass of Mark West Pinor Noir...direct from the Napa Valley...when in rome right??? Dang this wine was gooooooood.

Let's head on over to the Giants game...and only one thing is allowed consumption at a baseball game...Oy..that last shot is showing my droopy eyes...but I was not about to pass up a good old Amercian beer...light of course, watching those calories you know... I will not include pics of the 3 additional pints of Blue Moon (yummm!) I consumed AT the game....Orange wedge included, for the healthier side of drinking.

Pour me on back to the hotel.

Last night in San Fran, high end Italian dinner required more wine. We upped the c-l-a-s-s again and had a Cabernet Sauvigon...of which I cannot remember the name nor region...it all jumbles together at this stage.
I do know that I drank enough to last me a year. Easily.

My body is mad at me and punishing me through bloatation and a 2 pound weight gain...

But it was worth it...every last sip.


  1. Oh YUM. I like to drink as well, but don't as often anymore because, as you said, with kids there just isn't enough time!

    Wine is my very favorite, beer a close second. All others tie for third.

  2. Yep, booze will certainly pack on the pounds, at least for me! But I'm so glad you enjoyed some good wine while in Cali! It's totally worth it as far as I'm concerned!! :D

  3. I am only a little ashamed to admit that I miss alcohol!

  4. Good for you! Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one having a few too many drinks in San Fran. The wine was fantastic and I think I had more wine down there than I have all year... LOL

    I also have a few extra pounds of wine and bread to contend with now but definitely worth it for sure...

  5. May as well let down your hair and enjoy a few drinks! I have never been a drinker. After one drink, I'm feelin' it! Mark likes having a cheap drunk wife though ;-)

  6. so glad you cut loose while on your trip! You deserve it and it looks like you had a great time. I love your pictures, what a beautiful city!